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Scholarly Works

Joshua Thorson
Assistant Professor

2017 Submissions


Thorson, Joshua. Words and Works. n.d. Malmo University, Malmo, Sweden. Exhibit.

Thorson, Joshua. In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Dir. Nigel Maister. 12-21 Dec. 2017. University of Rochester Todd Union Theater, Rochester, NY. Performance. ∆

Thorson, Joshua. In Xanadu. 12 Apr. 2017. Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY. Installation. ≠

2016 Submissions


Thorson, Joshua. To Music (Act II). By Nick Hallett and Joshua Thorson. 15 Dec. 2016. Merkin Concert Hall, New York, NY. Performance. ≠

Thorson, Joshua. In Xanadu (part of Words & Works collab with MURIT). 11-22 Oct. 2016. Rochester Design Center, Rochester, NY. Installation. £

2015 Submissions

Published Review

Thorson, Joshua. "Aura Satz: Eyelids Leaking Light." Rev. of Eyelids Leaking Light, ed. Francis Morgan. The Wire 1 Apr. 2015: 82. Print. ˆ


Thorson, Joshua. To Music. By Nick Hallett and Joshua Thorson. 1 Apr. 2015. Roulette, Brooklyn, NY. Performance. ≠

Thorson, Joshua. Requiem Reimagined. By Sleeping Giant, Daniel Fish, and Joshua Thorson. 21-22 Mar. 2015. Troy Music Hall, Troy, NY. Performance. ∆ ≠

Thorson, Joshua. Oklahoma! Dir. Daniel Fish. 6/25-7/19 Dec. 2015. Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. Performance. ∆ ≠

Thorson, Joshua. Untitled (Room). 4-5 Dec. 2015. Lyric Opera, Rochester, NY. Exhibit. ∆

Thorson, Joshua. Urban Renewal. By Kyle deCamp. 16-17 Jan. 2015. Storefront Theater, Chicago, IL. Performance. ∆

2014 Submissions

Invited Article/Publication

Thorson, Josh. "Evenings in New York." (2014). Web. ∆