Jonathon Penny

Jonathon Penny

International Campuses
RIT Dubai

2018 Submissions


composer), Jonathon Penny (Mark Mitchell,. Junction Town. 8-16 Jun. 2018. Cardston Community Centre, Cardston, Alberta, Canada. Performance. ≠

Invited Article/Publication

Penny, Jonathon. "The Toscano Heresy." Dovesong. (2018). Print. «

Penny, Jonathon. "Song to be Sung in Times of Famine, Fear, and Desolation." Dovesong. (2018). Print. «

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Penny, Jonathon. "Fickle-tions, Po-ums, and Hymn-Flam." "Humor." 13th Annual Conference of Mormon Scholars in the Humanities. Brigham Young University. Provo, Utah. 22-24 Mar. 2018. Reading. *

2017 Submissions


Penny, Jonathon. Diggers. By Mark Mitchell, Mark Easthope, and Falene Wolsey. 13-17 Jun. 2017. Broadway Theatre, Canada. Performance. ≠