Keith Cagle

Keith Cagle

Associate Professor
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
American Sign Language and Interpreting Education

2023 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Bronk, Kim Kurz, Jason Listman, Keith Cagle and Alisha. "A National Survey: Deaf Interpreters in the 21st Century." Proceedings of the A National Survey: Deaf Interpreters in the 21st Century. Ed. TBA. TBA, TBA: TBA, Print. *

2022 Submissions

Journal Paper

K., Kurz, K., Listman, J. and Cagle,. "Program, Training and Job Opportunities for Deaf Interpretrs." TBA. (2022): 0. Print.

K., Muroski, K., Kurz, K., and Cagle,. "Student Perceptions of Communication & Learning in ASLIE at NTID." TBA. (2022): 0. Print. * «

Uninvited Presentations

Kurz, Kim, et al. "The Profile of Deaf Interpreters in the United States." Conference of Interpreter Trainers. Conference of Interpreter Trainers. King of Prussia, PA. 21 Sep. 2022. Lecture. *

Kurz, Kim, et al. "A National Survey: Deaf Interpreters in the 21st Century." National Assocation of the Deaf. National Association of the Deaf. Orlando, FL. 1 Jul. 2022. Conference Presentation. *

2020 Submissions

Book Chapter

Nicodemus, Brenda, et al. "Address practices of Deaf undergraduate students and faculty: A study of language, identity, and community." Journal of Pragmatics. TBA, TBA: TBA, 2021. TBA. Print. «