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Karen Evans

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Evans, Karen M., et al. "Collecting and analyzing mobile eye-tracking data in outdoor environments." Journal of Eye Movement Research 5. 2 (2012): 1-19. Print. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Kinsman, Thomas B., et al. "Ego-motion Compensation Improves Fixation Detection in Wearable Eyetracking." Proceedings of the Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications. Ed. Howell Istance and Stephen N. Spencer. Santa Barbara, CA: n.p., 2012. Print. *

Dogra, V, et al. "Preliminary Results of Photoacoustic Imaging for Thyroid Cancer Detection." Proceedings of the 2012 RSNA Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois: n.p., 2012. Print. *

2011 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Pelz, Jeff B., Thomas B. Kinsman, and Karen M. Evans. "Analyzing Complex Gaze Behavior in the Natural World." Proceedings of the Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XVI. San Francisco, CA: n.p., 2011. Print. *