Kaitlin Stack Whitney

Kaitlin Stack Whitney

Assistant Professor
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Science, Technology, and Society

2019 Submissions

Journal Paper

A, Lauer, et al. "Scientific meetings for all." Eos 101. (2020): N/A. Web. £

Ruder, Elizabeth H. and Kaitlin Stack Whitney. "Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities in Academy Diversity Initiatives." Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 119. 10 (2019): 1619–1620. Web. £

Schlager, Samuel C Zipper, Kaitlin Stack Whitney, Jillian M Deines, Kevin M Befus, Udit Bhatia, Sam J Albers, Janice Beecher, Christa Brelsford, Margaret Garcia, Tom Gleeson, Frances O’Donnell, David Resnik, Edella. "Balancing Open Science and Data Privacy in the Water Sciences." Water Resources Research 55. 7 (2019): 5202-5211. Print. *

Whitney, Evan Morrison, Alexandra Shipman, Shradha Shrestha, Evan Squier, Kaitlin Stack. "Evaluating The Ocean Cleanup, a Marine Debris Removal Project in the North Pacific Gyre, Using SWOT Analysis." Case Studies in the Environment. (2019): N/A. Web. *

Invited Article/Publication

Whitney, Christie A Bahlai, Lewis J Bartlett, Kevin R Burgio, Auriel MV Fournier, Carl N Keiser, Timothee Poisot, Kaitlin Stack. "Open Science Isn\\\'t Always Open to All Scientists: Current efforts to make research more accessible and transparent can reinforce inequality within STEM professions." American Scientist. (2019). Print. ˆ

2018 Submissions

Journal Paper

Karp, Daniel S, et al. "Crop Pests and Predators Exhibit Inconsistent responses to Surrounding Landscape Composition." Proceeedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115. 33 (2018): E7863-E7870. Web. *

Whitney, Kaitlin Stack and Kristoffer Whitney. "John Anthony Allan’s “Virtual Water”: Natural Resources Management in the Wake of Neoliberalism." Arcadia 11. (2018): doi.org/10.5282/rcc/8316. Web. *

Whitney, Kaitlin Stack, Simon J Goring, and Aerin Jacob. "Accessibility is Imperative for Inclusion." Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 16. 2 (2018): 63-63. Print. *

Whitney, Kaitlin Stack, Simon J Goring, and Aerin Jacob. "Making Scientific Content More Accessible." Authorea. (2018): doi.org/10.22541/au.150844289.92609826. Web.

Book Chapter

Nelson, Nicole and Kaitlin Stack Whitney. "Becoming a Research Rodent." Living with Animals: Bonds Across Species. Ed. Ilana Gershon and Natalie Porter. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2018. 199-208. Print. *

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Whitney, Kaitlin Stack. "Life on the Edge: Pollinator Conservation in Roadsides." SUNY Geneseo Department of Biology Seminar Series. SUNY Geneseo. Geneseo, NY. 15 Feb. 2018. Lecture.

Whitney, Kaitlin Stack. "Community-based Insect Ecology Capstone Research." Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting. Entomological Society of America. Vancouver, BC. 11 Nov. 2018. Conference Presentation.

Whitney, Kaitlin Stack. "Case Studies for Active Teaching." Teachers on Teaching series. Teaching & Learning Services, RIT. Rochester, NY. 24 Oct. 2018. Lecture.

Whitney, Kaitlin Stack. "Environmental Studies at the Margins." Environmental Studies Symposium. Wallace Center, RIT. Rochester, NY. 30 Mar. 2018. Lecture.

Whitney, Kaitlin Stack. "Global Pollinator Declines." Environmental Disasters. RIT College of Liberal Arts. Rochester, NY. 15 Mar. 2018. Guest Lecture.