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Scholarly Works

Laural Hartman

2017 Submissions


Hartman, Laural. Transmigration of the Gold Plate. 1 Nov. 2017. Gallery R, Rochester. Installation.

Hartman, Laural. Postpartum No.1. Jan. 2017. Dyer Arts Center, Rochester. Exhibit.

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Hartman, Laural. "Dirtybeardpress." University of Rochester. Linguistic Department (American Sign Language). Rochester, NY. 21 Nov. 2017. Guest Lecture.

2016 Submissions


Harttman, Laural. Dirtybeardpress. 10 Sep. 2016. Clothesline Festival - Juried at the Memorial Arts Gallery, Rochester. Exhibit.

Harttman, Laural. Dirtybeardpress. `18 Dec. 2016. The Artist Row, Rochester. Exhibit.