Michael Amy

Michael Amy

College of Art and Design
School of Art

2023 Submissions

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Amy, Michael. "Cimabue's Altarpiece of the Crucifixion in the Upper Church of San Francesco at Assisi." Art History Symposium. SUNY Geneseo. Geneseo, NY. 28 Apr. 2023. Keynote Speech. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Alice Neel: Four Paintings of Seated Figures." /. School of Visual Arts & Design, University of Central Florida. Orlando, FL. 11 Oct. 2023. Lecture. ∆

Invited Article/Publication

Amy, Michael. "Spiritual Labyrinth: A Conversation with Herman van Bergen." Sculpture. (2023). Print. ˆ

Amy, Michael. "Memory Is a Weapon: A Conversation with Ricardo Brey." Sculpture. (2023). Print. ˆ

Amy, Michael. "Destructive Forces: A Conversation with Jon Kessler." Sculpture. (2023). Print. ˆ

Amy, Michael. "Tony Oursler." The Art Section, An Online Journal of Art and Cultural Commentary. (2023). Web. ˆ

Amy, Michael. "Wonderment and Reflection: A Conversation with Coral Penelope Lambert." Sculpture. (2023). Print. ˆ

2022 Submissions

Journal Paper

Amy, Michaël. "The Illusionist: A Conversation with Guillaume Bijl." Afterimage 49. 3 (2022): 4-22. Web. ∆

2020 Submissions

Invited Article/Publication

AMY, MICHAEL. "Bruce Nauman: Endurance Act." Sculpture. (2020). Web. ˜

AMY, MICHAEL. "Sarah Lucas: Naked Honesty." Sculpture. (2020). Print. ˜

2019 Submissions

Invited Article/Publication

Amy, Michaël. "Cultivating Dualities: A Conversation with Li Hongwei." Sculpture. (2019). Web. ˆ

Amy, Michaël. "Cathy Wilkes: Ugly Archetypes." Sculpture. (2019). Print. ∆

2018 Submissions

Book Chapter

Amy, Michaël and Mark Gisbourne. "The Missing Are Presumed Dead." Olivier Masmonteil. s.l., s.l.: Blurb, 2018. pp.5-12. Print. ˜

Amy, Michaël. "An Architecture of Light." Michael Taylor: Traversing Parallels. Seattle, Washington: University of Washington Press, 2018. pp.99-105. Print. ˜

Amy, Michaël. "Horror and Hope." Lee Bul. Ed. Stephanie Rosenthal. London, Great Britain: Hayward Gallery Publishing, 2018. pp.137-140. Print. ˜

Amy, Michaël and Alex Miokovic. "Interiors." Nostalgia: A Guide to Collective Melancholie. Ed. Pavel Romaniko. Boston, MA: Pavel Romaniko, 2018. pp.5-10. Print. ˜

Amy, Michaël. "Li Hongwei: Tradition and Change." Beyond Reflection: The Art of Li Hongwei. Boston, Mass.: Pucker Art Publications, 2018. 49-56. Print. ∆

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Amy, Michaël. "Paintings About Power." Talk given in the Department of Art and Art History. Gettysburg College. Gettysburg, PA. 2 Apr. 2018. Guest Lecture. ∆

Invited Article/Publication

Amy, Michaël. "Reflection." , Glass: The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly. (2018). Print. ˆ

Amy, Michaël. "Double-Takes: A Conversation with Alisa Baremboym." Sculpture. (2018). Print. ˜

Amy, Michaël. "Forms of Proliferation: A Conversation with Sofi Żezmer." Sculpture. (2018). Print. ˜

Amy, Michaël. "Critical Thinking in Art." Critical Thinking to Making, 2018 Fram Signature Event, RIT College of Art and Design. (2018). Print. ˜

2017 Submissions

Invited Article/Publication

Amy, Michael. "The Dance of Beauty and Failure: A Conversation with Michelle Segre." Sculpture. (2017). Print. ˜

Amy, Michael. "Gravity's Pull: A Conversation with Mathilde Roussel." Sculpture. (2017). Print. ˜

2014 Submissions

Invited Article/Publication

Amy, Michael. "The Meat of Sculpture: Paul Thek." Sculpture. (2014). Print. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Paul McCarthy: Rotten to the Core." Sculpture. (2014). Print. ∆

Amy, Michael. "The Abandoned House Project." Abandoned house. (2014). Web. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Making Connections." Robert Devriendt: Broken Stories. (2014). Print. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Unicorn." Michaël Borremans, As Sweet As It Gets. (2014). Print. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Antwerp Feasts." Jan Fabre. Tribute to Hieronymus Bosch in Congo. (2014). Print. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Belgian Congo Fountain of Life." Jan Fabre. Tribute to Hieronymus Bosch in Congo. (2014). Print. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Reinhard Mucha." Scultpure. (2014). Print. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Richard Serra." Sculpture. (2014). Print. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Gregg Louis." Sculpture. (2014). Print. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Edward Burtynsky, Water." Sundaram Tagore Gallery. (2014). Web. ∆

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Amy, Michael. "Bernini: Sculpting in Clay." CAA.Reviews. (2013): 1-3. Web. ˜

Amy, Michael. "Ghosts of Things: A Conversation with Diana Al-Hadid." Sculpture 32. 3 (2013): 20-27. Print. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Myths of Fantastical Life: A Conversation with Meeson Pae Yang." Sculpture 32. 5 (2013): 24-31. Print. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Concentrated Form: A Conversation with Johan Creten." Sculpture 32. 7 (2013): 30-37. Print. ∆

Book Chapter

Amy, Michael. "Lorenzo il Magnifico's Facade for the Cathedral of Florence and Michelangelo's Apostle Statues, with an Addendum on the St. Matthew in 1515." Michelangelo Buonarroti: Leben, Werk und Wirkung. Positionen und Perspektiven der Forschung / Michelangelo Buonarroti: Vita, Opere, Ricezione. Approdi e prospettive della ricerca contemporanea. Ed. Grazia Dolores Folliero-Metz and Susanne Gramatzki. Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Peter Lang Verlag, 2013. 667-731. Print. ˜

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Amy, Michael. "Being There." 2013 Yeongwol International Museum Forum. Yeongwol County. Yeongwol, South Korea. 21 Oct. 2013. Conference Presentation. ∆

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Amy, Michael. "Lee Bul, Phantasmic Morphologies." Sculpture 30. 4 (2011): 20-27. Print. ∆

Amy, Michael. "Crystal Clear Dreams: A Conversation with Eunsuh Choi." Sculpture 30. 10 (2011): 39-41. Print. ∆

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Michael, Amy. "Thoughts on Francis, and The History of Art." Viva Italia! Celebrating Italian Culture. College of Liberal Arts. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York. 13 Apr. 2011. Guest Lecture. ∆

2010 Submissions

Published Review

Amy, Michael. “Evan Penny, Sperone Westwater.” Sculpture, 29.3 April 2010: 73-74. Print.

Amy, Michael. “Rebecca Warren.” Sculpture, 29.6 July 2010: 75-76. Print.

Amy, Michael. “Urs Fischer: New Museum.” Sculpture, 29.10 Dec. 2010: 70-71. Print.

Published Book

Amy, Michael. Fleurs 1880-2010. New York: Leon Benrimon Gallery, 2010. Print.

Published Article

Amy, Michael. “Boston Light: Daguerreotypes by Southworth & Hawes Convey Mid-19th-century America Through its Luminaries and Ordinary Citizens.” Johan Swinnen and Luc Deneulin eds. The Weight of Photography: Photography: History, Theory and Criticism: Introductory Readings, (2010): 67-72. Print.

Amy, Michael. “The Call of the Wild.” Jan Fabre, Chapters I-XVIII, Waxes & Bronze, (2010): 140-141. Print.

Amy, Michael. “Art as a Disappearing Act: A Conversation with Dustin Yellin.” Sculpture, 29.5 (2010): 40-47. Print.

Amy, Michael. “Nothing Outlives Mortality: A Conversation with Kristen Morgin.” Sculpture, 29.3 (2010): 46-51. Print.