Michael Mior

Michael Mior

Assistant Professor
Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences
Computer Science

2020 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Mior, Michael J. and Ken Q. Pu. "Semantic Data Understanding With Character Level Learning." Proceedings of the Information Reuse and Integration for Data Science. Ed. Chengcui Zhang, et al. Las Vegas, CA: IEEE, 2020. Web. « £

Mior, Michael J. and Kenneth Salem. "ReSpark: Automatic Caching for Iterative Applications in Apache Spark." Proceedings of the IEEE BigData 2020. Ed. Yixin Chen, Heiko Ludwig, and Yicheng Tu. Atlanta, GA: IEEE, 2020. Web. *

Suárez-Otero, Pablo, et al. "Maintaining NoSQL Database Quality During Conceptual Model Evolution." Proceedings of the th International Workshop on Methods to Improve Big Data Science Projects. Ed. Jeffrey Saltz and Mary Magee Quinn. Atlanta, GA: IEEE, 2020. Web. *