Miguel Cardona

Miguel Cardona

Assistant Professor
College of Art and Design
School of Design

2020 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Cardona, Miguel. "First day of Class with Figma Design." Proceedings of the UCDA Design Education Summit. Ed. TBA. Smyrna, Tennessee: University & College Designers Association (UCDA), 2020. Web. *

Cardona, Miguel. "The Role of User Storytelling in Designing for the Near-Future." Proceedings of the Human Centered: UCDA Design Education Summit. Ed. TBA. Smyrna, Tennessee: University & College Designers Association (UCDA), 2020. Web. *

Peer Reviewed/Juried Poster Presentation or Conference Paper

Golden, Mary and Miguel Cardona. "Web Based Collaborative Learning: ‚ÄčThe Virtual Design Studio." Proceedings of the Provosts' Learning Innovation Grants 2019 Showcase. Ed. TBA. Rochester, NY: RIT Innovative Learning Institute. ˜ ≠

Invited Article/Publication

Cardona, Miguel. "11 activities in Figma for your classroom." Figma for Education. (2020). Web. ˆ

Cardona, Miguel and Kathryn Mariner. "How to Make a Zine." Anthropology News Volume 61 Issue 5. (2020). Print. ˜ ˆ

National/International Competition Award Winner

Nae, Hye-Jin. UCDA. UCDA Design Awards, Gold Award / Apps Category. Smyrna, TN, 2020. £

Nae, Hye-Jin. UCDA. UCDA Design Awards, Excellence Award, Digital Publication. Rochester, NY, 2020. £

Cardona, Miguel and Hye Jin Nae. Graphic Design USA. American Web Design Award. New York City, NY, 2020. £ ˜

Cardona, Miguel and Hye Jin Nae. RIT College of Art & Design. Frank J. Romano Endowed Prize for Publishing Entrepreneurship for Ex-Out App & Website. Rochester, NY, 2020. ˜

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Cardona, Miguel, Stephanie Kotula, and Rian Long. "Ready for the Task: Teaching at a Distance." Design Week Portland. Design Portland. Portland, Oregon. 3 Aug. 2020. Conference Presentation. ˜

Cardona, Miguel and Dr. Kathryn Mariner. "Holding Pattern: A Collaborative Zine Workshop." Design Week Portland. Design Portland. Portland, Oregon. 6 Aug. 2020. Conference Presentation. ˜

Jr, Miguel A Cardona, et al. "Beyond the Bubble: Developing the Next Generation of Designers." Config. Figma. San Francisco, CA. 6 Feb. 2020. Conference Presentation. ˜

2019 Submissions


Cardona, Miguel. Fertile Ground Vol.1 Just Visiting. By Kathryn Mariner and Miguel Cardona. 1 Oct. 2019. Community Design Center Rochester Design Gallery, Rochester. Exhibit. ˜

Cardona, Miguel. Love is Universal Banner Diptych. By Miguel Cardona, et al. 28 Mar. 2019. Morgantown, West Virginia. Installation. £

Invited Article/Publication

Cardona, Miguel, Sean Flaherty, and Paul Gebel. "The Significance of Contributive Design." Product Momentum Podcast. (2020). Web. ˆ

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Cardona, Miguel. "Ethical Considerations of Micro-Decisions and Intentionality in Design." ITX UX 2019: Beyond the Pixels. ITX. Rochester, NY. 5 Oct. 2019. Keynote Speech.

Cardona, Miguel. "Industry Inspired Innovation in Design Education." Pearson Next/Now in Learning. Pearson. Scottsdale, Arizona. 24 Apr. 2019. Conference Presentation. ˜

Cardona, Miguel and Hye Jin Nae. "Stealing Bubblegum: Design Ethics and Intentionality." FITC Spotlight: Design Ethics. FITC. Toronto, Ontario. 21 Oct. 2019. Conference Presentation. ˜

Cardona, Miguel. "The User is the Hero: Understanding the Role Storytelling in Product Innovation." IDSA Northeast District Design Conference 2018. IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America). Rochester, NY. 14 Apr. 2018. Conference Presentation.

Cardona, Miguel and Hye Jin Nae. "Digital Literacy and Capacity Building to Counter Extremist Narratives." Digital Forum on Terrorism Prevention 2019. Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA. 11 Sep. 2019. Conference Presentation. ≠

2018 Submissions


Cardona, Miguel. Los Muertos - Digital Illustration. 20 Oct. 2018. 1975 Pop Up Gallery. 661 South Ave. Suite A. Rochester, NY 14620, Rochester. Exhibit.

Cardona, Miguel. Coffee Cups, Day Dreams & Chimeras: Illustrative and Photographic Work of of Miguel Cardona. 1 Feb. 2018. Fuego Coffee Roasters. Rochester, NY, Rochester. Exhibit.

2017 Submissions


Cardona, Miguel. Day Dreams & Chimeras: Digital and Photographic Illustrations of Miguel Cardona. 1 Dec. 2017. Lovin Cup, Rochester, NY. Exhibit.

Full Patent

Cardona, Miguel, et al. "User Interface for Just-In-Time Image Processing." U.S. Patent US 9654602 B2. 16 May 2017.

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Cardona, Miguel A. "Animated GIFs and Beyond: Motion Design for Impact and Performance." Web Unleashed. FITC. Toronto, Ontario. 25 Sep. 2017. Conference Presentation. ˜