Nathan Williams

Nathan Williams

Assistant Professor
Golisano Institute for Sustainability

2019 Submissions

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Williams, Nathan. "Energizing Development: Scaling Decentralized Electricity Systems in East Africa." Institute of Science, Technology and Policy Colloquium. ETH Zürich. Zürich, Switzerland. 8 Oct. 2019. Guest Lecture.

Williams, Nathan. "Energizing Development: Sustainable Models for Decentralized Electricity Service Provision in East Africa." Energy Research Centre Seminar. University of Cape Town. Cape Town, South Africa. 20 May 2019. Guest Lecture.

Williams, Nathan. "Panel Discussion: Making data available and usable: Collection, interoperability, openness." Data for Development: Using Data Analytics to Accelerate Energy Access. Duke University. Washington, DC. 4 Dec. 2019. Conference Presentation.

Invited Article/Publication

Williams, Nathan, Samuel Booth, and Ian Baring-Gould. "Survey Use in Micro-grid Load Prediction, Project Development, and Operations." NREL Technical Report. (2019). Web. ∆