Nita Luci

Nita Luci

International Campuses
RIT Kosovo

2014 Submissions

Book Chapter

Luci, Nita and Linda Gusia. "Our Men Will Not Have Amnesia: Civic Engagement, Emancipation, and Gendered Public in Kosovo." Civic and Uncivic Valus in Kosovo: History, Politics and Value Transformations. Ed. Sabrina Petra Ramet, Albert Simkus, and Ola Listhaug. Budapest, Hungary: Central European University Press, 2014. 201-222. Print. *

Journal Editor

Luci, NIta, et al, ed. Njohja. Prishtina: Institute for Social Studies and Humanities, 2014. Print. ˜

Invited Article/Publication

Luci, Nita. "Empowering Minority Communities in Kosovo Against Gender Based Violence." Baseline Study. (2014). Web. ≠