Nicola Lanata

Nicola Lanata

Assistant Professor
College of Science
School of Physics and Astronomy

2023 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lanatà, Nicola. "Derivation of the ghost Gutzwiller approximation from quantum embedding principles: Ghost density matrix embedding theory." Phys. Rev. B 108. (2023): 235112. Print. *

Lee, Tsung-Han, Nicola Lanatà, and Gabriel Kotliar. "Accuracy of ghost rotationally invariant slave-boson and dynamical mean field theory as a function of the impurity-model bath size." Phys. Rev. B (Letter) 107. (2023): L121104. Print. *

2022 Submissions

Journal Paper

Jones, Alfred J. H., et al. "Visualizing band structure hybridization and superlattice effects in twisted MoS2/WS2 heterobilayers." 2D Mater. 9. (2022): 15032. Print. *

Lanatà, Nicola. "Operatorial formulation of the ghost rotationally invariant slave-boson theory." Phys. Rev. B 105. (2022): 45111. Print. *

Chikina, Alla, et al. "One-dimensional electronic states in a natural misfit structure." Phys. Rev. Materials 6. (2022): L092001. Print. *

Lanatà, Nicola, et al. "Efficient implementation of the Gutzwiller variational method." Phys. Rev. B 85. (2012): 35133. Print. *

Jones, Alfred J. H., et al. "Observation of Electrically Tunable van Hove Singularities in Twisted Bilayer Graphene from NanoARPES." Adv. Mater. 32. (2020): 2001656. Print. *

2021 Submissions

Journal Paper

Rogers, John, et al. "Bypassing the computational bottleneck of quantum-embedding theories for strong electron correlations with machine learning." Phys. Rev. Research 3. (2021): 13101. Print. *

Biswas, Deepnarayan, et al. "Ultrafast triggering of insulator-metal transition in two-dimensional VSe2." Nano Lett. 21. (2021): 1968. Print. *

Kamber, Umut, et al. "Moiré induced electronic structure in monolayer V2S3 on Au(111)." Phys. Rev. B 103. (2021): 115414. Print. *

Holt, Ann Julie U., et al. "Electronic properties of single-layer CoO2/Au(111)." 2D Mater. 8. (2021): 35050. Print. *

Majchrzak, Paulina, et al. "Switching of the electron-phonon interaction in 1T-VSe2 assisted by hot carriers." Phys. Rev. B (Letter) 103. (2021): L241108. Print. *

Frank, Marius S., et al. "Quantum embedding description of the Anderson lattice model with the ghost Gutzwiller approximation." Phys. Rev. B (Letter) 104. (2021): L081103. Print. *

Curcio, Davide, et al. "Ultrafast electronic linewidth broadening in the C 1 s core level of graphene." Phys. Rev. B (Letter) 104. (2021): L161104. Print. *

Lee, Tsung-Han, et al. "Efficient Slave-Boson Approach for Multiorbital Two-Particle Response Functions and Superconductivity." Phys. Rev. X 11. (2021): 41040. Web. *

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Goldstein, Garry, Nicola Lanatà, and Gabriel Kotliar. "Extending the Gutzwiller approximation to intersite interactions." Phys. Rev. B 102. (2020): 45152. Print. *

Lanatà, Nicola. "Local bottom-up effective theory of nonlocal electronic interactions." Phys. Rev. B 102. (2020): 115115. Print. *

2019 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lee, Tsung-Han, et al. "Rotationally invariant slave-boson and density matrix embedding theory: A unified framework and a comparative study on the 1D and 2D Hubbard Model." Phys. Rev. B 99. (2019): 115129. Print. *

Lanatà, Nicola, et al. "Connection between Mott physics and crystal structure in a series of transition metal binary compounds." NPJ Comput. Mater. 5. (2019): 30. Print. *

Cross, Justin N., et al. "Origins of the Odd Optical Observables in Plutonium and Americium Tungstates." Chem. Sci. 10. (2019): 6508. Print. *

Rostami, Habib, et al. "Layer and orbital interference effects in photoemission from transition metal dichalcogenides." Phys. Rev. B 100. (2019): 235423. Print. *

Volckaert, Klara, et al. "Momentum-resolved linear dichroism in bilayer MoS2." Phys. Rev. B (Rapid Communications) 100. (2019): 241406. Print. *

2018 Submissions

Journal Paper

Galley, Shane S., et al. "Uncovering the Origin of Divergence in the CsM(CrO4)2 (M = La ‒ Sm; Am) Family through the Chemical Bonding in a Molecular Cluster and by Band Structure Analysis." J. Am. Chem. Soc. (JACS) 140. (2018): 1674-1685. Print. *

2017 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lanatà, Nicola, et al. "Slave Boson Theory of Orbital Differentiation with Crystal Field Effects: Application to UO2." Phys. Rev. Lett. 118. (2017): 126401. Print. *

Lanatà, Nicola, et al. "Emergent Bloch Excitations in Mott Matter." Phys. Rev. B 96. (2017): 195126. Print. *

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lanatà, Nicola, et al. "Gutzwiller Renormalization Group." Phys. Rev. B 93. (2016): 45103. Print. *

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lanatà, Nicola, et al. "Phase Diagram and Electronic Structure of Praseodymium and Plutonium." Phys. Rev. X 5. (2015): 11008. Web. *

Lanatà, Nicola, Xiaoyu Deng, and Gabriel Kotliar. "Finite-Temperature Gutzwiller Approximation from Time-Dependent Variational Principle." Phys. Rev. B (Rapid Communications) 92. (2015): 081108(R). Print. *

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lanatà, Nicola, et al. "Principle of Maximum Entanglement Entropy and local physics of Strongly Correlated Materials." Phys. Rev. Lett. 113. (2014): 36402. Print. *

Lanatà, Nicola, et al. "Interplay of spin-orbit and entropic effects in Cerium." Phys. Rev. B (Rapid Communications) 90. (2014): 161104(R). Print. *

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lanatà, Nicola, et al. "Orbital Selectivity in Hund's metals: The Iron Chalcogenides." Phys. Rev. B 87. (2013): 45122. Print. *

Lanatà, Nicola, et al. "Gamma-alpha isostructural Transition in Cerium." Phys. Rev. Lett. 111. (2013): 196801. Print. *

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lanatà, Nicola and Hugo U. R. Strand. "Time-dependent and steady-state Gutzwiller approach for nonequilibrium transport in nanostructures." Phys. Rev. B 86. (2012): 115310. Print. *