Qing Miao

Qing Miao

Assistant Professor
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Public Policy

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Miao, Qing, et al. "Natural Disasters and Financial Implications for Subnational Governments: Evidence from China." Public Finance Review 48. 1 (2020): 72-101. Print. *

Miao, Qing, Meri Davlasheridze, and Yu Shi. "Fiscal Decentralization and Natural Disaster Mitigation: Evidence from the United States." Public Budgeting and Finance. (2020): 1-25. Print. *

2019 Submissions

Journal Paper

Miao, Qing and Meri Davlasheridze. "Does Federal Disaster Assistance Affect Private Protection Behavior: An Empirical Analysis of Household Purchase of Flood Insurance." Land Economics 96. 1 (2019): 124-145. Print. *

Miao, Qing. "What affects government planning for climate change adaptation: Evidence from the US states." Environmental Policy and Governance 29. 5 (2019): 376-394. Print. *

2018 Submissions

Journal Paper

Miao, Qing, Eric Welch, and P.S. Sriraj. "Extreme Weather, Public Transport Ridership and Moderating Effect of Bus Stop Shelters." Journal of Transport Geography 74. (2018): 125-133. Print. * «

Miao, Qing, Yilin Hou, and Michael Abrigo. "Measuring the Financial Shocks of Natural Disasters: A Panel Study of U.S. States." National Tax Journal 71. 1 (2018): 11-44. Print. *

Zhang, Fengxiu, Eric Welch, and Qing Miao. "Public Organization Adaptation to Extreme Events: Mediating Role of Risk Perception." Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 28. 3 (2018): 371-387. Print. *

Wang, Yiwei and Qing Miao. "Implication of Replacing the Federal and State Fuel Taxes with a National Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax." Transportation Research Records: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. (2018): 1-11. Print. *

Miao, Qing, et al. "Public Transit Extreme Weather Risk Perceptions Climate Adaptation Climate Change." Transportation Research Part D 63. (2018): 421-432. Web. *

Miao, Qing, et al. "What Drives Public Transit Organizations in the United States to Adapt to Extreme Weather Events?" Journal of Environmental Management 225. (2018): 252-260. Web. *

Miao, Qing. "Are We Adapting to Floods? Evidence from Global Flooding Fatalities." Risk Analysis. (2018): 1-16. Web. *

Invited Article/Publication

Miao, Qing. "The Fiscal Implications of Managing Natural Disasters for National and Subnational Governments." Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Natural Hazard Science. (2018). Web. *

2017 Submissions

Journal Paper

Miao, Qing. "Technological Innovation, Social Learning and Natural Hazard Mitigation: Evidence on Earthquake Fatalities." Environment and Development Economics 22. 3 (2017): 249-273. Print. «

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

Miao, Qing and David Popp. "Necessity of the Mother of Invention: Innovative Response to Natural Disasters." Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 68. (2014): 280-295. Print. *