Rachel Ferraro

Rachel Ferraro

Associate Professor
College of Art and Design
School of Photographic Arts & Sciences

2018 Submissions

Invited Article/Publication

Wang, Vivian and Rachel J. Ferraro (Photographer). "Exonerated, University of Rochester President Steps Down." The New York Times. (2018). Print.

Witze, Alexandra and Rachel J. Ferraro (Photographer). "University of Rochester president resigns as sexual-harassment probe ends." International Journal of Science. (2018). Print.

Mangan, Katherine and Rachel J. Ferraro (Photographer). "How a Harassment Controversy Tore a University Apart." The Chronicle of Higher Education. (2018). Print.

Davis, Nicola and Rachel J. Ferraro (Photographer). "Why Science Breeds a Culture of Sexism." The Guardian, UK. (2018). Print.

Hobson, Katherine and Rachel J. Ferraro (Photographer). "Identifying Successful College Programs." US News & World Report. (2018). Print.

Okamoto, Katie and Rachel J. Ferraro (Photographer). "How Architecture can Address the Mental Health Care Crisis." Metropolis Magazine. (2018). Print.

2017 Submissions


Ferraro, Rachel Jerome. Intangible Expedition. 23 Sep. 2017. Museum of Visual Art, Beijing, China. Exhibit.

National/International Competition Award Winner

Ferraro, Rachel J. and Lorrie Frear. American Advertising Award. National Silver Award, Magazine Design. New Orleans, LA, 2017. £

Invited Article/Publication

Saxena, Jaya and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Women Hold Two Thirds of Nations Student Loan Debt." Elle Magazine. (2017). Web.

Wang, Vivian and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Sexual Harassment Charges Roil Elite University." New York Times. (2017). Print.

Wang, Vivian and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Rochester Launches New Inquiry Into Harassment Accusations." New York Times. (2017). Print.

Bourzac, Katherine and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Inside the Far-out Glass Lab." MIT Technology Review. (2017). Print. ˆ

Guarino, Ben and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Professors Urge Students to Avoid University of Rochester." Washington Post. (2017). Web.

Leparmentier, Arnaud and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Kodak et Rochester, Combat pour une Renaissance." Le Monde. (2017). Print.

Lie, Tove and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Presset Fram Gransking av Seksuell Trakassering." Khrono (Norway). (2017). Print.

2016 Submissions


Ferraro, Rachel Jerome. Group Exhibition: The Plastic Crucible. 23 Apr. 2016. Makers Gallery, Rochester, NY. Exhibit. ˜

Invited Article/Publication

Rabin, Roni Caryn and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "\"Want a Zika Test? It’s Not Easy.\"." The New York Times. (2016). Print. ˆ

Lake, Laura and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Key Differences Between Marketing and Advertising." The Balance. (2016). Web. ˆ

reference.com, and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "How Do Advertisements Persuade People?" reference.com. (2016). Web.

Belluk, Pam and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "A Guide to Help Pregnant Women Reduce Their Zika Risk." The New York Times. (2016). Print. ˆ

Kuther, Tara and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Is Graduate School for You?" about.com. (2016). Web.

Grant, Sarah and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Few Black College Students Major in High-Paying Fields." Bloomberg.com. (2016). Web.

Powell, Mike and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "What You Get for $1.5M." The New York Times. (2016). Print. ˆ

Layton, Jill and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "This University is Allowing Students to Live with *Much* Older Roomates." Hello Giggles. (2016). Web.

Conger, Cristen and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "How Accurate is our Mental Image of Ourselves?" How Stuff Works: Science. (2016). Web.

Tabuchi, Hiroko and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Volkswagen Faces Long Road Ahead, After Civil Settlement." The New York Times. (2016). Print. ˆ

Clark, Kim and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Making Your Big College Decision." Money Magazine. (2016). Print.

Moore, Wes and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Bridging The Gap to College Successs." HuffPost. (2016). Web.

2015 Submissions

Book Chapter

Batt, Andy and Candace Dobro. "Your Digital Skeleton: The Importance of Image Workflow." Camera & Craft: Learning the Technical Art of Digital Photography. Ed. Katrin Eismann. Waltham, Massachusetts: Focal Press, 2015. 88-94. Print. ˆ


Ferraro, Rachel Jerome. Toward the Surface. 6 Feb. 2015. Main Gallery, Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY. Installation.

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Ferraro, Rachel Jerome. "Toward the Surface." Artist Talk. Visual Studies Workshop. Rochester, NY. 4 Mar. 2015. Address.

Invited Article/Publication

Ferraro, Rachel Jerome. "Amazon Cloud Advertisement." International Ad Campaign: Amazon Cloud Drive Launch. (2015). Web.

about.com, and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Prom Themes for 2015." About.com. (2015). Web. ˆ

Lucier, Kelci Lynn and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "How to Deal with a Bad Roomate." About.com. (2015). Web.

Lake, Laura and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Marketing vs. Advertising: What's the Difference?" About.com. (2015). Web.

Peck, Patrice, Natelege Whaley, and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Teens With Extraordinary College Acceptance Stories." BET. (2014). Web.

Ma, Winnie and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "5 Reasons Your College Decision Isn't Your Biggest Decision Ever." Huffington Post. (2015). Web.

ASK.com, and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "How Do Advertisements Persuade People?" ASK.com. (2015). Web.

2014 Submissions

Invited Article/Publication

Smith, Jacquelyn and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Thirteen College Majors in Which the Pay Goes Nowhere." MSN Money (Microsoft Network). (2014). Web.

Feeney, Nolan and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "College Speaker Calls Students Immature, Arrogant." NY Daily News. (2014). Web.

Singal, Jesse and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "In Praise of the Rando Freshman Roommate." New York Magazine. (2014). Print.

Barber, Dan and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "What Farm-to-Table Got Wrong." New York Times. (2014). Print.

McKinley, Jesse and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Growing Together on the Vine." New York Times. (2014). Print.

2013 Submissions

Invited Article/Publication

Whaley, Natelege and Rachel Jerome Ferraro (Photographer). "Report: Out-of-State Enrollment at Public Universities Hurt Minority Students." BET: Black Entertainment Television. (2013). Web.

2011 Submissions


Ferraro, Rachel Jerome. Human+Time+Space. 17 Mar. 2011. Hua Lamphong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand. Exhibit. £