Rema Amawi

Rema Amawi

College of Science
Color Science

2022 Submissions

Journal Paper

Murdoch, Rema M. Amawi, Michael J. "Effects of pill colors on human perception and expectation of drugs' efficacy." Color Research & Application 47. 5 (2022): 1200-1215. Web. *

Murdoch, Rema M. Amawi, Michael J. "Understanding Color Associations and Their Effects on Expectations of Drugs’ Efficacies." Pharmacy 10. 4 (2022): 82. Web. *

Published Conference Proceedings

Amawi, Rema M. and Michael J. Murdoch. "Relating Color Associations to Pill Colors and Expected Efficacy." Proceedings of the Color and Imaging Conference. Ed. CIC30. Springfield, VA: Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2022. Web. *