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Scott Williams

2018 Submissions

Journal Paper

Mahajan, C.G., et al. "Magnetic Field Patterning of Nickel Nanowire Film Realized by Printed Precursor Inks." Materials 12. 6 (2019): 1-12. Print. £

Zope, K., D. Cormier, and S. Williams. "Reactive Silver Oxalate Ink Composition with Enhanced Curing Conditions for Flexible Substrates." ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10. 4 (2018): 3830-3837. Print. £

Tapriya, A., et al. "Shallow Si N+P junction diodes realized via molecular monolayer doping." Microelectronic Engineering 193. (2018): 1-6. Print. £

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Williams, Scott, et al. "Photonic Sintering of Aerosol Jet Printed Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) Thick Films." Journal of the American Ceramics Society 99. 8 (2016): 2569--2577. Print. *

Williams, Scott, et al. "Improving the Run-time Stability with Aerosol Jet Printing Using a Solvent Add-back Bubbler." Journal of Print Media Technology Research 5. 3 (2016): 207--214. Print. *

2014 Submissions

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Williams, Scott. "Synthesis, Formulation and Deposition of Metal Oxide Sol-gel Compositions Using Aerosol Jet Printing." ACS 248th National Meeting. American Chemical Society. San Francisco, CA. 10 Aug. 2014. Conference Presentation. ∆

Provisional Patent

Heglund, Daniel, et al. "Chemical Assay to Verify the Quantity and Quality of Sesquiterpene Lactone Derviatives." US Provisional Patent Application 61990186. 8 May 2014.

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Mayer, Theodor K., et al. "Hepatitis B Assays in Serum, Plasma and Whole Blood on Filter Paper." BMC Clinical Pathology 12. 8 (2012): 1-5. Web. «

Bowles, David J., et al. "Chemiluminescent Identification and Quantification of Artemisinin and Relevant Sequiterpene Lactone Derivatives." Applied Spectroscopy 66. 2 (2012): 175-179. Print. «

2011 Submissions

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Hodges, Neal II. "Chemiluminescent Indentification and Quantification of Artemisinin and Relevant Sesquiterpene Lactone Derivatives." Joint International Tropical Medicine Meeting 2011. Mahidol University. Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand. 1 Dec. 2011. Conference Presentation. * ∆

2010 Submissions

Formal Presentation

Henry, A. and S. Williams. “Fabrication of a Printed Battery Using a New Method for Manganese Cathode Ink Preparation.” IARIGAI, Montreal, Canada. 12 September 2010. Presentation. †

Williams, S., L. Cade, and D. Clark. “Paper-supported Assay for the Quantification of Alkaline Phosphatase Activity.” IARIGAI. Montreal, Canada. 12 September 2010. Presentation. †