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Scholarly Works

Shaun Foster
Associate Professor

2018 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Foster, Shaun. "VR/AR/MR Technology, Strategic Design & Case Studies." Proceedings of the Frameless Labs. Ed. Frameless Labs. Rochester, NY: Frameless Labs, 2018. Web. *

2017 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Foster, Shaun. "Integrating Virtual Reality into 3d Design Curriculum." Proceedings of the EDULEARN 17. Ed. (none). Barcelona, Spain:, 2017. Print. «

Foster, Shaun. "Keeping up with Educational Convergence: Virtual Reality & Internet of Things." Proceedings of the TCC online. Ed. Bert. Honolulu, Hawaii: TCC Online, 2017. Web. *

2016 Submissions

Book Chapter

Foster, Shaun and Jacob Brostoff. "Digital Doppelgängers: Converging Technologies and Techniques in 3D World Modeling, Video Game Design and Urban Design." Media Convergence Handbook - Vol. 2. Ed. Artur Lugmayr and Cinzia Dal Zotto. New York, NY: Springer, 2016. 175-189. Print.

2013 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Foster, Shaun and Carol Fillip. "Expanding Gestalt: Analyzing Opportunities for Visual Design Creation and Education by Combining Gestalt Principles with New Technologies." Proceedings of the EDULEARN13. Ed. L. Gomez Chova, A. Lopez Martinez, and I. Candel Torres (International Association of Technology, Education and Development). Barcelona, Spain: IATED, 2013. Print. *

Foster, Shaun and David Halbstein. "Screencasting Strategies: Heuristics for Using Video Content in 3D Computer Graphics Technological and Aesthetic Education." Proceedings of the SIGGRAPH 2013. Ed. ACM / SIGGRAPH. Anaheim, CA: ACM, 2013. Print. «

2012 Submissions

Published Review

Foster, Shaun C. Rev. of How'd My Avatar Get Into That Sneaker Ad?, ed. Slate editorial staff. Slate 4 Jan. 2012: 3. Web. ˆ