Sara Armengot

Sara Armengot

Associate Professor
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

2023 Submissions

Book Chapter

Armengot, Sara. "Language Programs at Rochester Institute of Technology: A Successful Recent Initiative (2018-Present)." Language Program Vitality in the United States: From Surviving to Thriving in Higher Education,. Ed. Emily Heidrich Uebel, Felix A. Kronenberg, and Scott Sterling. Cham, Switzerland: Springer’s Educational Linguistics Series, 2023. 307-311. Print. £

2013 Submissions

Full Length Book

Armengot, Sara. Antitypical America: Typology and Inter-American Literature and Film. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Penélope Academic Press, 2013. Print. *

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Armengot, Sara. "Creatures of Habit: Emergency Thinking in Alejandro Brugues Juan de los Muertos and Junot Diaz's 'Monstro'." Trans. (2012): Online. Web. *