Song Hui Chon

Song Hui Chon

Visiting Assistant Professor
College of Engineering Technology
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology

2017 Submissions

Book Chapter

Chon, Song Hui. "Western Orchestral Instruments in the Foreground: What Features Make an Instrument More Attractive for a Solo Role in Concertos?" Musical Instruments in the 21st Century: Identities, Configurations, Practices. Singapore, Singapore: Springer, 2017. 371-384. Print. ∆

Published Conference Proceedings

Chon, Song Hui and Sungyoung Kim. "Does Technical Ear Training Also Improve Speech-in-noise Identification?" Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (APSCOM). Ed. Jun-ichi ABE. Kyoto, Japan: n.p., Web. *

Chon, Song Hui, David Huron, and Dana DeVlieger. "Relationships of Pitch, Tempo, and Dynamics from Instrument Combination Patterns in Orchestral Scores." Proceedings of the Society for the Music Perception and Cognition Meeting. Ed. John Iverson. San Diego, CA: n.p., Web. *


Chon, Song Hui. Auditory Localization Training Using Augmented Reality. 12 Sep. 2017. the 1st Light and Sound Interactive, Rochester. Exhibit.

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Chon, Song Hui and Sungyoung Kim. "Exploration of Perceptual Differences of Virtually Enhanced Sound Fields using Timbre Toolbox." Acoustical Society of America meeting. Acoustical Society of America. New Orleans, LA. 4 Dec. 2017. Lecture. ∆

Chon, Song Hui. "Long Lasting Effects of Auditory Localization Training Using Augmented Reality." the 2nd Frameless Lab Symposium. RIT. Rochester, NY. 1 Dec. 2017. Lecture.

Chon, Song Hui. "Improving Sound Localization Using Augmented Reality." the 1st Upstate New York Sound Meeting. University of Rochester. Rochester, NY. 11 Aug. 2017. Lecture.

Chon, Song Hui. "Understanding Timbre Salience based on Instrument Usage Patterns in Orchestral Music." Graduate School of Culture Technology. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Daejeon, Daejeon. 2 Jun. 2017. Lecture.