Steven Wright

Steven Wright

Assistant Professor
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Liberal Studies

2022 Submissions

National/International Competition Award Winner

Wright, S. J., et al. ABCRMS. Best in Behavioral Health. Anaheim, CA, 2022. £

Manuscripts Submitted for Publication

S.J., Wright, and Rabeharison, M. "Designated interpreting: Emic perspectives in Deaf academia." Jun. 2022. TS - typescript (typed). «

Wright, S. Jordan, et al. "Deaf LGBTQ+ Adult’s health literacy: The effects of stigma." Sep. 2022. TS - typescript (typed). «

2021 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wright, S. Jordan and Brian Cheslik. "The Impact of Gay Social Networking Applications on Dating in the Deaf Gay Community." Sexuality & Culture. (2021): Online. Web. «

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wright, S.J. "Deafnormativity: who belongs in deaf culture?" Disability and Society. (2020): 20. Web. «

Book Chapter

Wright, S. J., Gloshanda Lawyer, and Edward Bart. "Decision Making in the Era of Post-Modern Audism: Examining the colonizing normate." "Who Decides? Power, Disability, and Educational Administration." Ed. Catherine O'Brien, William Black, and Arnold Danzig. Charlotte, North Carolina: Information Age Publishing, 2022. 0. Print. ∆ ˜