Steven Weinstein

Steven Weinstein

Kate Gleason College of Engineering
Chemical Engineering

2023 Submissions

Journal Paper

Pia, A. Della, et al. "On the shapes of liquid curtains flowing from a non-vertical slot." Journal of Fluid Mechanics 974. (2023): A18-1 to A18-22. Print. £

Naghshineh, N., et al. "On the use of asymptotically motivated gauge functions to obtain convergent series solutions to nonlinear ODEs." IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics 88. 1 (2023): 43-66. Print. £

Huber, C. M., N. S. Barlow, and S. J. Weinstein. "On the two-dimensional extension of one-dimensional algebraically growing waves at neutral stability." Wave Motion 113. (2023): 103083. Print. £

Naghshineh, N., et al. "Asymptotically-consistent analytical solutions for the non-Newtonian Sakiadis boundary layer." Physics of Fluids 35. (2023): 53103. Print.

2022 Submissions

Journal Paper

Theisen, Eric A. and Steven J. Weinstein. "An Overview of Planar Flow Casting of Thin Metallic Glasses and its Relation to Slot Coating of Liquid Films." Journal of Coatings Technology and Research 19. 1 (2022): 49-60. Print. £

Han, Haixiang, et al. "Multiscale hierarchical structures from a nanocluster mesophase." Nature Materials 21. (2022): 518-525. Web. £

Reinberger, W. C., et al. "On the power series solution to the nonlinear pendulum." The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics 75. 4 (2022): 347-369. Print. £

Huber, C. M., N. S. Barlow, and S. J. Weinstein. "On the response of neutrally stable flows to oscillatory forcing with application to liquid sheets." Physics of Fluids 34. (2022): 104106. Print. £

Naghshineh, N., et al. "The shape of an axisymmetric meniscus in a static pool: effective implementation of the Euler transformation." IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics 88. (2023): 735-764. Print.

2021 Submissions

Journal Paper

Torsey, Bridget M., et al. "The effect of pressure fluctuations on the shapes of thinning liquid curtains." Journal of Fluid Mechanics 910. (2021): A38-1 to -15. Print. £

Rame, Enrique, Steven J. Weinstein, and Nathaniel S. Barlow. "On the shape of air–liquid interfaces with surface tension that bound rigidly rotating liquids in partially filled containers." IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics 86. (2021): 1266-1286. Print. £

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Belden, Elizabeth R., et al. "Asymptotic Approximant for the Falkner-Skan Boundary-Layer Equation." Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics 73. 1 (2020): 36-50. Print. £

Barlow, Nathaniel S. and Steven J. Weinstein. "Accurate Closed-form Solution of the SIR Epidemic Model." Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 408. (2020): 132540. Print. £

Weinstein, Steven J., et al. "Analytic Solution of the SEIR Epidemic Model via Asymptotic Approximant." Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 411. (2020): 132633. Print. £

2019 Submissions

Journal Paper

Huber, Colin, et al. "On the Stability of Waves in Classically Neutral Flows." IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics 85. (2020): 309-340. Print. £

Gascon, Katherine N., Steven J. Weinstein, and Michael G. Antoniades. "Use of Simplified Surface Tension Measurements To Determine Surface Excess: An Undergraduate Experiment." Journal of Chemical Education 96. (2019): 342-347. Print. £

Ruschak, Kenneth J. and Steven J. Weinstein. "Accurate Approximate Methods for the Fully Developed Flow of Shear-thinning Fluids in Ducts of Non-circular Cross Section." Journal of Fluids Engineering 141. (2019): 111202-1 to -7. Print. £

Weinstein, Steven J., et al. "On Oblique Liquid Curtains." Journal of Fluid Mechanics 876. R3 (2019): R3-1 to R3-9. Print. £

2018 Submissions

Journal Paper

Beachley, R., et al. "Accurate Closed-form Trajectories of Light Around a Kerr Black Hole Using Asymptotic Approximates." Classical and Quantum Gravity 35. (2018): 20500: 1-28. Print. £

2017 Submissions

Journal Paper

Barlow, Nate S., Steven J. Weinstein, and Joshua A. Faber. "An Asymptotically Consistent Approximant For the Equatorial Bending Angle of Light Due To Kerr Black Holes." Classical and Quantum Gravity 34. (2017): 1-16. Print. £

Ruschak, Kenneth J. and Steven J. Weinstein. "Model For the Outer Cavity of A Dual-Cavity Die with Parameters Determined From Two-Dimensional Finite-Element Analysis." AIChE Journal 64. 2 (2018): 1-38. Print. £

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Barlow, N. S., et al. "On the Summation of Divergent, Truncated, and Underspecified Power Series via Asymptotic Approximants." Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics 70. 1 (2017): 21-48. Print. £

King, K., et al. "Stability of Algebraically Unstable Dispersive Flows." Physical Review Fluids 1. 7 (2016): 073604-1 to -19. Print. £

Schultz, A. J., et al. "Reformulation of Ensemble Averages via Coordinate Mapping." Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 12. 4 (2016): 1491-1498. Print. £

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

Close, T., et al. "Rapid Reversible Oxygen Scavenging at Room Temperature with Electrochemically-Reduced Titanium Oxide Nanotubes." Nature Nanotechnology 10. (2015): 418-422. Print. *

Dichiara, A. B., S. J. Weinstein, and R. E. Rogers. "On the Choice of Batch or Fixed-Bed Adsorption Processes for Wastewater Treatment." Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 54. (2015): 8579-8586. Print. *

Barlow, N. S., et al. "Analytic Continuation of the Virial Series Through the Critical Point Using Parametric approximants." Journal of Chemical Physics 143. 7 (2015): 071103-1 to -5. Print. *

Barlow, Nathaniel S., Brian T. Helenbrook, and Steven J. Weinstein. "Algorithm for Spatio-temporal Analysis of the Signalling Problem." IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics 82. (2017): 1-32. Print. *

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

Lee, S. H., et al. "Gravity-driven Instability of a Thin Liquid Film Underneath a Soft Solid." Physical Review E 90. (2014): 1-9. Print. £

Stevens, Robert J., Steven J. Weinstein, and Karuna S. Koppula. "Theoretical Limits of Thermoelectric Power Generation from Exhaust Gases." Applied Energy 133. (2014): 80-88. Print. £

Dichiara, Anthony B., et al. "Free-Standing Carbon Nanotube/Graphene Hybrid Papers as Next Generation Absorbents." Nanoscale 6. (2014): 6322-6327. Print. £

Barlow, Nate S., et al. "Critical Isotherms from Virial Series Using Asymptotically Consistent Approximants." AIChE Journal 60. 9 (2014): 3336-3349. Print. ∆

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Sandoz-Rosado, E. J., S. J. Weinstein, and R. J. Stevens. "On the Thomson Effect in Thermoelectric Devices." International Journal of Thermal Sciences 66. (2013): 1-7. Print. *

Ruschak, K. J. and S. J. Weinstein. "A Local Power-law Approximation to a Smooth Viscosity Curve with Application to Flow in Conduits and Coating Dies." Polymer Engineering and Science 5. 10 (2014): 2301-2309. Print. *

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Barlow, N S, et al. "An Asymptotically Consistent Approximant Method With Application to Soft and Hard-sphere Fluids." Journal of Chemical Physics 137. (2012): 204102-1 to -13. Print. £

Barlow, N.S., S.J. Weinstein, and B.T. Helenbrook. "On The Response of Spatially Developing Flow to Oscillatory Forcing With Application to Liquid Sheets." Journal of Fluid Mechanics 699. (2012): 115-152. Print. £

Shetty, S., K.J. Ruschak, and S.J. Weinstein. "Model for a Two-Cavity Coating Die with Pressure and Temperature Deformation." Polymer Engineering & Science 52. 6 (2012): 1173-1182. Print. £

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Rogers, R. E., et al. "Solution-phase Adsorption of 1-pyrenebutyric Acid Using Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes." Chemical Engineering Journal 173. 1 (2011): 486-493. Print. £

Norton, M. M., R. J. Robinson, and S. J. Weinstein. "Model of Ciliary Clearance and the Role of Mucus Rheology." Physical Review E 83. 1.1:011921 (2011): 1-12. Print. £

2010 Submissions

Published Article

Barlow, N. S., B.T. Helenbrook, S.P. Lin and S.J. Weinstein. “An Interpretation of absolutely and convectively unstable waves using series solutions.” Wave Motion, 47.8 (2010): 564-582. Print. *

Theisen, E. A., M. Davis, S.J. Weinstein and P.H. Steen. “Transient behavior of the planar-flow melt spinning process.” Chemical Engineering Science, 65.10 (2010): 3249—3259. Web. *

Oakes, J. M., S. Day, S.J. Weinstein and R.J. Robinson. “Flow field analysis in expanding healthy and emphyematous alveolar models using particle image velocimetry.” Journal of Biomechical Engineering, 132.2 (2010): 1-9. Web. *