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Scholarly Works

Scott Smith
Research Associate Professor

2017 Submissions

Journal Paper

Buckley, Gerard, et al. "Building Community For Deaf Scientists." Science 355. 6322 (2017): 255. Print. ∆

Manuscripts Submitted for Publication

Hall, Wyatte and Scott Smith. "Considering Parental Hearing Status As A Social Determinant of Deaf Population Health: Public Health Insights From Experiences of the “Dinner Table Syndrome”." 1 Jul. 2017. TS - typescript (typed). «


Smith, Scott R., Paul Craig, and Vincent Samar (2017-2022). Rochester Institute of Technology Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement Scientist-In-Training Program for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Undergraduates. Grant received/funded by Research Initaitive for Scientific Enhancement (R25), NIGMS/NIH. «

Smith, Scott R. and Robert Pollard (2017-2019). Investigating Key Biopsychosocial Factors that Mediate Lifespan Management of Prelingual Deafness. Grant received/funded by R21, NIDCD. «

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Smith, Scott R. "The Health of Deaf People." Medical Humanities. LeMoyne College PA School. Syracuse, NY. 3 May 2017. Lecture.

Smith, Scott R. "The Health of Deaf People." Deaf Health Pathway Program. University of Rochester Medical Center. Rochester, NY. 15 Sep. 2017. Lecture.

Smith, Scott R. "Building Community for Deaf Scientists." National Annual Meeting of the Society of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology. Society of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology. Denver, CO. 1 Aug. 2017. Conference Presentation. ∆

Peer Reviewed/Juried Poster Presentation

Smith, Scott R., et al. "Interactive Health Literacy Skills of Deaf and Hearing College Students: The Role of Accessing Indirect (Incidental) Health Information." Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Communication in Healthcare & the Health literacy Annual Research Conference. Ed. ICCH and HARC. Baltimore, MD: n.p.. «

Smith, Scott R. "RIT-RISE Scientists-In-Training Program for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Undergraduates." Proceedings of the Training and Workforce Diversity (TWD) Annual Meeting. Ed. Training and Workforce Diversity. Baltimore, MD: n.p.. £

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Smith, Scott R. and Vincent J Samar. "Dimensions of Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing and Hearing Adolescents' Health Literacy and Health Knowledge." Journal of Health Communication 21. (sup 2) (2016): 141-154. Print. «

Kushalnagar, Poorna, et al. "Making Cancer Health Text on the Internet Easier to Read for Deaf People Who Use American Sign Language." Journal of Cancer Education. (2016): Epub ahead of print. Web. «

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

Smith, Scott R, Poorna Kushalnagar, and Peter C Hauser. "Deaf Adolescents' Learning of Cardiovascular Health Information: Sources and Access Challenges." Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education 20. 4 (2015): 408-418. Print. «