Stasa Puskaric

Stasa Puskaric

International Campuses
RIT Croatia

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Puskaric, Stasa. "Ecology of Gel-like Marine Snow Event in the Northern Adriatic Sea." Acta Adriatica 53. 3 (2012): 375-387. Print. *

Puskaric, Stasa. "Kompostni Sustavi - Prirodno i Odrzivo Rjesenje za Zastitu dva Najvrjednija Resursa - Zemlje i Vode." Hrvatske vode 199. (2012): 32-36. Print. *

Edvardsen, Hanne Marie and Stasa Puskaric. "Voluntary Support of Scientific Research: A Road to a More Sustainable Future." RIThink 1. (2012): 33-39. Web. *

Mladinic, Martina and Stasa Puskaric. "Cellulosic Ethanol as our Future Fuel: Turning Waste Into Energy." RIThink 1. (2012): 39-43. Web. *

Petersen, Christian and Stasa Puskaric. "The Theory of Needs: Revision for the 21st Century." RIThink 2. (2012): 2-4. Web. *

Puskaric, Stasa and Damir Oros. "Effects of Various Fuel Blends on the Performance of a Two-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine." RIThink 2. (2012): 40-44. Web. *

Puskaric, Stasa, et al. "Flexible Selection of Iron Sources by Marine Microbial Consortia Related to Temperature." RIThink 2. (2012): 33-39. Web. *

Journal Editor

Puskaric, Stasa, ed. RIThink. Dubrovnik: American College of Management and Technology, 2012. Web. *