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Thomas Gaborski
Associate Professor

2018 Submissions

Journal Paper

Chung, H.H., et al. "Use of Porous Membranes in Tissue Barrier and Co-culture Models." Lab on a Chip 18. (2018): 1671-1689. Print. *

Chung, H.H., et al. "Extended Live-tracking and Quantitative Characterization of Wound Healing and Cell Migration with SiR-Hoechst." Experimental Cell Research 1. 2 (2018): 198-210. Print. *

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Gaborski, T.R. "Engineering Porous Membranes to Optimize in Vitro Cellular Barrier Models." IEEE NANOMED. IEEE. Waikiki, HI. 4 Dec. 2018. Conference Presentation. *

2017 Submissions

Journal Paper

Carter, R.N., et al. "Ultrathin Transparent Porous Glass Membranes For Cell Culture." Biofabrication 9. 1 (2017): 1-23. Print. *

Casillo, S.M., et al. "Membrane Pore Spacing Can Modulate Endothelial Cell-Substrate and Cell-Cell Interactions." ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 3. 3 (2017): 243-248. Print. *

Ramirez, M.M. and T.R. Gaborski. "Fabrication Techniques Enabling Ultrathin Nanostructured Membranes for Separations." Electrophoresis 28. 19 (2017): 2374-2388. Print. *

Chung, H.H., et al. "Porous Substrates Promote Early Endothelial Migration at the Expense of Fibronectin Fibrillogenesis." ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 4. 1 (2018): 222-230. Print. *

Peer Reviewed/Juried Poster Presentation

Ramirez, M.M., et al. "Development of Transparent Ultrathin Membranes Capable of Modulating Cell-Substrate and Cell-Cell Interactions." Proceedings of the Materials Research Society. Ed. MRS. Phoenix, AZ: MRS. *

Dehghani, M.A. and T.R. Gaborski. "Capture and Release of Extracellular Vesicles on Nanoporous Membranes." Proceedings of the ASME International Conference on Mini Micro and Nanochannels. Ed. ASME. Boston, MA: ASME. *

Chung, H.H., et al. "Porous Substrates Influence Early Endothelial Migration and the Associated Fibronectin Fibrillogenesis." Proceedings of the Biomedical Engineering Society. Ed. BMES. Phoenix, AZ: BMES. *

Casillo, S.M., S.J. Perry, and T.R. Gaborski. "Disrupted Surfaces of Porous Membranes Reduce YAP Nuclear Localization in Adipose-Derived Stem Cells." Proceedings of the Biomedical Engineering Society. Ed. BMES. Phoenix, AZ: BMES. *

Ramirez, M.M., C. Soule, and T.R. Gaborski. "Co-Culture Membranes With Tunable Nanopore Sizes To Selectively Control Cell-Cell Communication." Proceedings of the Biomedical Engineering Society. Ed. BMES. Phoenix, AZ: BMES. *

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Winans, Joshua, et al. "Membrane Capacity and Fouling Mechanisms for Ultrathin Nanomembranes in Dead-end Filtration." Journal of Membrane Science 499. (2016): 282-289. Print. *

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Gaborski, Thomas, et al. "Transparent and Ultrathin Nanomembranes for Cellular Barrier and Co-culture Models." Annual Meeting. Biomedical Engineering Society. Minneapolis, MN. 7 Oct. 2016. Conference Presentation. *

Dehghani, Mehdi and Thomas Gaborski. "Feasibility of Isolating Exosomes From Biofluids Using Ultrathin Nanomembranes." International Conference on Nano Micro and Mini Channels. ASME. Washington, DC. 13 Jul. 2016. Conference Presentation. *

Peer Reviewed/Juried Poster Presentation

Casillo, Stephanie, et al. "Cell-Substrate and Cell-Cell Interactions in Endothelial Barrier Models on Porous Glass Membranes." Proceedings of the Annual Meeting. Ed. NA. Minneapolis, MN: Biomedical Engineering Society. *

2015 Submissions

Journal Paper

Winans, Joshua D., et al. "Membrane capacity and fouling mechanisms for ultrathin nanomembranes in dead-end filtration." Journal of Membrane Science 499. (2016): 282-289. Print. *

Qi, Chengzhu, et al. "Influence of silicon dioxide capping layers on pore characteristics in nanocrystalline silicon membranes." Nanotechnology 26. (2015): 55706. Print. *

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Gaborski, Thomas R. "Ultrathin silicon-based nanomembranes can revolutionize biological separations and serve as advanced cell culture platforms." International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels and Minichannels. American Society for Mechanical Engineers. San Francisco, CA. 7 Jul. 2015. Conference Presentation. ∆

Gaborski, Thomas R. "Ultrathin Membranes Promote Endothelial Differentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells. Invited Presentation." World Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Congress. Terrapinn. London, England. 22 May 2015. Conference Presentation. ∆

2014 Submissions

Journal Paper

Qi, Chengzhu, et al. "Highly Porous Silicon Membranes Fabricated from Silicon Nitride/Silicon Stacks." Small 42. 11-12 (2014): 851-855. Print. *

Mazzocchi, Andrea R, et al. "Porous Membranes Promote Endothelial Differentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Perivascular Interactions." Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering 7. 3 (2014): 369-378. Print. *

DesOrmeax, Jon-Paul S, et al. "Nanoporous Silicon Nitride Membranes Fabricated from Porous Nanocrystalline Silicon Templates." Nanoscale 6. 18 (2014): 10798-10805. Print. *

Nehilla, Barrett J, et al. "Endothelial Vacuolization Induced By Highly-permeable Silicon Membranes." Acta Biomateriala 10. 11 (2014): 4670-4677. Print. *

Miller, Joshua J, et al. "Lift-off of Large-Scale Ultrathin Nanomembranes." Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 25. 1 (2014): 15011. Print. *

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Gaborski, Thomas R. "Porous Membranes Promote Endothelial Differentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Perivascular Interactions." Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting. BMES. San Antonio, TX. 25 Oct. 2014. Conference Presentation. *

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Snyder, Jessica L, et al. "High Performance, Low Voltage Electroosmotic Pumps with Molecularly Thin Nanoporous Silicon Membranes." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110. 46 (2013): 18425-18430. Print. *

Johnson, Dean G., et al. "Ultrathin Silicon Membranes for Wearable Hemodialysis." Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease 20. 6 (2013): 508-513. Print. *

Gaborski, Thomas R., et al. "Dynamics of Adhesion Molecule Domains on Neutrophil Membranes: Surfing the Dynamic Cell Topography." European Biophysics Journal 42. 11-12 (2013): 851-855. Print. *

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Kavalenka, Maryna N, et al. "Ballistic and Non-Ballistic Gas Flow through Ultrathin Nanopores." Nanotechnology 23. 14 (2012): 145706. Print. *