Vincent Serravallo

Vincent Serravallo

Associate Professor
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Sociology and Anthropology

2020 Submissions

Journal Editor

Serravallo, Vincent, ed. New York Sociologist. Rochester, NY: New York State Sociological Association, online, 2020. Web.

2018 Submissions

Book Chapter

Serravallo, Vincent. "Changer in Paradise: Escaping Marginality and Shaping Academic Labor." On the Borders of the Academy: Challenges and Strategies for First-Generation Graduate Students and Faculty. Ed. Alecea Ritter Standlee. Syracuse, NY: The Graduate School Press, Syracuse University, 2018. 3-28. Print. ˜

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Serravallo, Vincent. "Parallel Practices of Union Avoidance in Business and Academic During Union Representation Campaigns." Workplace: A Journal For Academic Labo 20. (2012): 1-16. Print. «