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Scholarly Works

Xiao Wang
Associate Professor

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wang, Xiao and Andrea Hickerson. "The Role of Self-Affirmation and User Status in Readers' Response to Identity-Threatening News." Communication Research. (2016): 1045-1064. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "To Communicate or Not to Communicate: Factors Predicting Passengers’ Intentions to Ask a Driver to Stop Text Messaging While Driving." Health Communication 31. 5 (2016): 617-625. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "Excelling in multitasking and enjoying the distraction: Predicting intentions to read and send text messages while driving." Computers in Human Behavior 64. (2016): 584-590. Print. «

Wang, Xiao and Andrea Hickerson. "The Role of Presumed Influence and Emotions in Audience Evaluation of the Credibility of Media Content and Behavioral Tendencies." Journal of Creative Communications 11. 1 (2016): 1-16. Print. «

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wang, Xiao. "The Role of Attitude Functions, Efficacy, Anticipated Emotions, and Relationship Status on College Students' Condom Use Intentions." Journal of Sex Research 50. (2013): 704-714. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "Negotiating Safer Sex: A Detailed Analysis of Attitude Functions, Anticipated Emotions, Relationship Status, and Gender." Psychology and Health 28. (2013): 800-817. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "Applying the Integrative Model of Behavioral Prediction and Attitude Functions in the Context of Social Media Use while Viewing Mediated Sports." Computers in Human Behavior 29. (2013): 1538-1545. Print. «

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wang, Xiao. "The Role of Anticipated Guilt in Intentions to Register as Organ Donors and to Discuss Organ Donation with Family." Health Communication 26. 8 (2011): 683-690. Print. « £

Wang, Xiao and Steven R. McClung. "Toward a Detailed Understanding of Illegal Digital Downloading Intentions: An Extended Theory of Planned Behavior Approach." New Media and Society 13. 4 (2011): 663-677. Print. « £

Wang, Xiao. "The Role of Anticipated Negative Emotions and Past Behavior in Individuals' Physical Activity Intentions and Behaviors." Psychology of Sport and Exercise 12. 3 (2011): 300-305. Print. « £