Xiao Wang

Xiao Wang

Associate Professor
College of Liberal Arts
School of Communication

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wang, Xiao, Yang Yu, and Lin Lin. "Tweeting the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21): An analysis of the social network and factors determining the network influence." Online Social Networks and Media 15. (2020): 1-11. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "From a terror management perspective: The efficacy of self-affirmation on organ donation-related thoughts and intentions." Journal of Social Psychology 160. 5 (2020): 644-657. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "Predictors of organ donation-related cognitions and intentions in China: communication variables and cultural values." Communication Quarterly 68. 4 (2020): 438-456. Print. «

Invited Article/Publication

Wang, Xiao. "Attitude Functions." The International Encyclopedia of Media Psychology. (2020). Print. ∆

2018 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wang, Xiao and Lin Lin. "The Relationships Among Actual Weather Events, Perceived Unusual Weather, Media use, and Global Warming Belief Certainty in China." Weather, Climate, and Society 10. (2018): 137-144. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "The Role of Personal Experience, Media Exposure, and Trust in Scientists and Media in Americans’ Perceptions of Personal and Impersonal Risks Related to Global Warming." International Journal of Global Warming 16. (2018): 320-336. Print. *

Wang, Xiao. "The Role of Future Orientation, Cultural Worldviews, Attitudinal Motivations, and Collective Efficacy in Predicting Policy Support to Alleviate Global Warming." International Journal of Public Opinion Research 30. (2018): 493-503. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "Responses to HIV Public Service Announcements: The Mediating Role of Attitude Toward the ad and Identification with the Spokesperson." Intercultural Communication Studies 27. (2018): 114-124. Print. «

Wang, Xiao and Lin Lin. "How Climate Change Risk Perceptions are Related to Moral Judgment and Guilt in China." Climate Risk Management 20. (2018): 155-164. Print. «

Wang, Xiao and Xiaoquan Zhao. "The Mediating Role of Temporal Considerations on the Effects of Self-affirmation on Audience Responses to Organ Donation Messages." Health Communication 33. (2018): 148-155. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "The Role of Attitude Functions and Collective Efficacy in Chinese Consumers’ Intentions to Engage in Behaviors to Alleviate Global Warming." Journal of Social Psychology 158. (2018): 51-63. Print. «

2016 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wang, Xiao and Andrea Hickerson. "The Role of Self-Affirmation and User Status in Readers' Response to Identity-Threatening News." Communication Research. (2016): 1045-1064. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "To Communicate or Not to Communicate: Factors Predicting Passengers’ Intentions to Ask a Driver to Stop Text Messaging While Driving." Health Communication 31. 5 (2016): 617-625. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "Excelling in multitasking and enjoying the distraction: Predicting intentions to read and send text messages while driving." Computers in Human Behavior 64. (2016): 584-590. Print. «

Wang, Xiao and Andrea Hickerson. "The Role of Presumed Influence and Emotions in Audience Evaluation of the Credibility of Media Content and Behavioral Tendencies." Journal of Creative Communications 11. 1 (2016): 1-16. Print. «

2013 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wang, Xiao. "The Role of Attitude Functions, Efficacy, Anticipated Emotions, and Relationship Status on College Students' Condom Use Intentions." Journal of Sex Research 50. (2013): 704-714. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "Negotiating Safer Sex: A Detailed Analysis of Attitude Functions, Anticipated Emotions, Relationship Status, and Gender." Psychology and Health 28. (2013): 800-817. Print. «

Wang, Xiao. "Applying the Integrative Model of Behavioral Prediction and Attitude Functions in the Context of Social Media Use while Viewing Mediated Sports." Computers in Human Behavior 29. (2013): 1538-1545. Print. «

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Wang, Xiao. "The Role of Anticipated Guilt in Intentions to Register as Organ Donors and to Discuss Organ Donation with Family." Health Communication 26. 8 (2011): 683-690. Print. « £

Wang, Xiao and Steven R. McClung. "Toward a Detailed Understanding of Illegal Digital Downloading Intentions: An Extended Theory of Planned Behavior Approach." New Media and Society 13. 4 (2011): 663-677. Print. « £

Wang, Xiao. "The Role of Anticipated Negative Emotions and Past Behavior in Individuals' Physical Activity Intentions and Behaviors." Psychology of Sport and Exercise 12. 3 (2011): 300-305. Print. « £