FAQs for Administrative Units

What is AMS (Assessment Management System)?

  • The Assessment Management System (AMS) is an online web-based system providing a communication and resource hub for all of the institution's outcomes assessment and continuous improvement initiatives.
  • The AMS system facilitates the documentation and demonstration of the contributions that each of the University's academic programs and support services makes towards achieving the goals of the institution as a whole in terms of institutional effectiveness
  • System features include:
    • Organizational planning and reporting
    • Online assessment plan creation and review
    • Mapping to goals and learning outcomes
    • Administrative unit reporting and tracking of recommendations and improvements
    • Development of surveys and rubrics
    • Curriculum mapping
    • Accreditation

Which Taskstream product are we using?

  • The Taskstream family of products includes the Accountability Management System, Faculty Credentials, and the Learning Achievement Tools (ePortfolio).
  • We are using the Accountability Management System product as our assessment management system.

Why are we using this product?

We are using Taskstream to support continuous improvement within our administrative and support service units.

Is Taskstream's software accessible to users with disabilities?

Do I need to have Taskstream software loaded on my computer?

You do not need to load any specific Taskstream software on your computer. You may access Taskstream just by going to the following website: www.taskstream.com.

Which browser can I use?

PC Windows

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and above
  • Google Chrome 4.0 and above


  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and above
  • Apple Safari 4.0
  • Chrome 5.0

iPad (note, does not support attaching documents)

  • iOS 5

How do I receive assistance with using Taskstream?

Using Taskstream and reporting any issues:

  • Please contact Grace Rubin at 475-2456
  • For emergency or after hour assistance, please contact Taskstream at help@Taskstream.com or 1-800-311-5656 (press “1” for Support)

Assistance and development of program and institutional level assessment planning, implementing, analyzing, summarizing, and using results:

  • Please contact the Office of Educational Effectiveness Assessment at 475-2310

What happens if I forget my password?

Taskstream Web Site

Contact Taskstream

Who has access to my information?

  • Approval by your unit director is required in order to obtain log-in access to Taskstream and to the administrative unit information.
  • Users with approval and access to the workspace are able to view your administrative unit information. Limited users with approval will have edit capabilities.

How often do I need to update the information?

  • Update the information as you meet your business objectives.
  • Report annually to record year-end accomplishments, as you move to the next business cycle.
  • Be sure to use your findings to show continuous improvement by adding the Use of Results and Progress Report information.

Can I attach files into Taskstream?

There are many opportunities to attach files as supporting documentation, substantiating evidence, or to archive information. In general, you may upload text, images, video, web links, slideshows, spreadsheets, reports and others.


  • Do not attached files that contain any private information.
  • Do not attach “.EXE” files

File Size:

  • 50 MB is the maximum file size
  • 500 MB is the maximum file size for video

Can I include web links?

You may use web links in various areas of your workspace.

Who can run reports?

Users with approved access may run reports.

How often should I run reports?

  • You may run your reports as often as you need, for example: after meeting your business objectives.
  • Run reports as requested by your administrative unit.
  • Run reports annually to capture year-end accomplishments.

If we do not complete a task in a different reporting cycle, should we be moving the activity into the new cycle?

Option #1:

  • Maintain the result in the existing cycle and update when complete.

Option #2:

  • Rollover the measure into the next cycle. You may include the objective and measure again and report on the results.

What if I have additional questions?

Contact us at outcomes@rit.edu.

For AMS Support and Training, contact

Grace Rubin, AMS Coordinator