Institutional Effectiveness Map

The University Assessment Council (UAC) developed the Institutional Effectiveness Map (IE Map) as a tool to help administrative and academic support units at RIT facilitate planning and identify measurable goals.

The IE Map provides an opportunity for all administrative units to align to their goals to division goals and RIT's Strategic Plan, demonstrating how they support institutional effectiveness. Each administrative unit has an IE Map or similar assessment plan. Units can use their IE Map to track progress towards meeting their goals and can link results to planning and budgeting processes.

Download the Institutional Effectiveness Map  

Creating an Institutional Effectiveness Map

Administrative units develop Institutional Effectiveness Maps (assessment plans) that are aligned to existing university, division, or department strategic plans and scorecards. The Office of Educational Effectiveness Assessment and the University Assessment Council work with administrative units to complete their IE Maps.

IE Maps or assessment plans include the following core elements:

  • Clearly defined mission/charge
  • Measurable outcomes/objectives that align to the mission of the institution/division
  • Data sources or activities for assessment of those outcomes/objectives
  • Benchmarks to help assess achievement of the outcomes/objectives
  • Timeline and person(s) responsible for data collection/reporting
  • A method to document the results to guide decisions and changes to improve programs and services and inform planning, budgeting, and resource allocation

Planning Guide and Resources

The Institutional Effectiveness Planning Guide provides guidance for completing your administrative unit's IE Map. Please use the following resources to support development of IE Maps and continuous improvement efforts.