Workshops or Consulting for Administrative Units

  • Specialized consulting related to assessing administrative department/unit goals and objectives
  • Assistance with the design  of manageable Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Maps (new or revised)
  • Assistance with the design  of instruments to measure administrative department/unit goals and objectives
  • Analysis of department/unit assessment data
  • Review of annual Institutional Effectiveness Progress Report process and instrument


To Schedule a Workshop, contact

Leah Bradley
Leah Bradley, Ed.D., Director

Assessment Management System (AMS) Training

AMS training in Taskstream+Tk20+Live Text consists of an initial System Overview Training session, followed by customized sessions that you may need, and ongoing training to expand your use of the system.

First Look into AMS – System Overview Training

  • Obtain approval(s) to use AMS
  • Contact the AMS Coordinator
  • Attend the AMS System Overview training
  • Use AMS

Customized and Ongoing Training

  • Refresher course based on the System Overview training
  • Customized topics to meet your needs
  • New and Advanced Features


Grace Rubin, AMS Coordinator