Curricular Mapping and Revision of Student Outcomes Assessment Plan in the New Physician Assistant (PA) Program BS/MS Curriculum Model

During Intersession, faculty reviewed the new curriculum, assessing depth, breadth, and exposure of specific content delivered across the new professional curriculum.  Program faculty met again at the Annual Retreat (June, 2015) to discuss:

  • continuation of curricular mapping
  • spring 2015 course offerings
  • course sequencing, credit allocations, and modification of course content
  • an overview of program goals/outcomes
  • assessment of program measures of success

The student learning grant funds were used to create a mapping and alignment of the new BS/MS Physician Assistant degree program curricula to program educational goals which are consistent with ARC PA Accreditation Standards.

The curricular mapping process helped guide a review of the new BS/MS program as various components of this new curriculum are rolled out for the first time.  This process has been helpful in stimulating creative discussion and planning for the future as it pertains to future RIT Academic Program Analysis and the upcoming ARC-PA Self Study process, benchmarking, and preparation for an on-site accreditation visit in spring 2017.

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