Improving Data Collection & Closing the Assessment Loop

The grant was used to develop a web-based tool that allows instructors and advisors to enter data in real time.  A process was established for using the data more effectively to improve the program. 

Having a central repository for all of the program rubrics, assessment plans, and the results in one place will allow program faculty access and the ability to add materials as the data are gathered. The Program Level Student Learning Outcomes assessment plan was also revised as part of the process.         

The grant resulted in recognition that better communication between the science faculty and the CLA faculty who support the program is necessary for continued monitoring and improvement of student learning.  This is particularly crucial to the development of the new Environmental Studies program, since the two programs may share a first year curriculum and a capstone experience.

The findings and methodology were presented as a poster session at the 2014 ANNY conference, which garnered further discussion and interesting suggestions about how to change curriculum. Click here to see a sample screenshot from the site.