Pilot Test the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) as an Assessment Tool

The CEO of Bloomberg Institute (the organization that created the BAT) came to RIT’s campus to discuss how to use the BAT to assess student work. The focus was on determining its use to assess critical thinking, analytic and critical skills, and applied focus.  Approximately sixty students were assessed using the BAT, and RIT students outperformed the average job candidate by a significant margin. 

The student learning grant was used to investigate the potential for using the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) to assess student learning. The BAT is a test, created by the Bloomberg Corporation, that is currently used by major corporations and consulting companies to identify job candidates. 

A working group, consisting of faculty members who teach courses required for business majors or science electives that attract a large number of business majors, was designed to integrate the BAT into RIT’s curriculum as both an educational and assessment tool. Working group members will be encouraged to take the BAT themselves, then meet regularly to find ways to integrate the BAT into curriculum. The goal is for students in the enhanced curriculum to have improved critical thinking skills, resulting in higher scores on the BAT and improved job placement.

The working group was unable to obtain funding, and the College of Science and Saunders College of Business are collaborating to find a way to advance the project without funding.

For additional information, please contact Clyde Hull at chull@saunders.rit.edu.