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Being undecided can be a little daunting, leaving a student to feel as if no one knows what they are going through. First, we want you to know that we do understand because we work with students daily that are undecided about their major. Second, University Exploration has a way to help you navigate your way through the program—by creating a living space just for students like you! When we put such a multidisciplinary group together, we get this great melting pot of ideas and experiences, from which all of you will benefit! Meet our University Exploration House!

Exploration House FAQ

Who lives on the floor?

You will be living amongst a very diverse group of students from University Exploration and majors spanning RIT with interests ranging from Math, Science, and Engineering to Computing, Business and the Arts and Media.

How does Exploration House help students with the major exploration process?

Through casual conversation and discussions about your individual experiences with other University Exploration students on the floor.


How do I find my room and roommate?

University Exploration program students in the Exploration House will have a slightly different process for selecting their housing. Please read the instruction below:

Please use the RIT Housing publication: A How-To Guide for Selecting Your Own Roommate & Room in the Residence Halls as a guide (from pages 1-6) to complete the process. Once you have completed your contract, profile, and optional roommate selection, the Housing Operations staff will work together to place you in a room in the Exploration House

  1. Sign into
  2. Fill out your housing contract and profile (follow instructions on page 2)
  3. In the profile, answer "Yes" to "I am a student in the University Exploration program"
  4. Selecting a roommate is optional. If you would like to take advantage of this option, begin your roommate search following instructions on page 3
  5. If you already know someone that you would like to live with, please use "Option 1 -Search for roommate(s) by detail" as described on page 3
  6. Otherwise we recommend that you use "Option 2 – Search for roommate(s) by profile question" as described on page 5
  7. You can search for a roommate that is also in University Exploration by including students who answered "Yes" to being a student in the University Exploration program as one of your selected profile questions
  8. Utilize the search results to identify fellow students in University Exploration that may be a good match to live with. Or find a student from another major and suggest you live together in Res Hall B on the 2nd floor.
  9. At this point you are done! In June when room selection opens, you will see that you (and your roommate) have been pre-assigned to the Exploration House!

If you need assistance with the housing selection process, please do not hesitate to contact


Who will you work with on the floor?

We expect between 30-40 University Exploration students to live on the floor along with students from other majors. Just like any other dorm, you will have Resident Assistants (RAs) on your floor. You will also work with a select group of RIT professionals including:

Pradip Ananda

Academic Advisor, University Exploration 

Hannah Cook

Residence Coordinator, Housing

What events take place on the floor?

Past events have included a "Welcome" BBQ, RIT Hockey Night, Game Night at RITCHIE'S, and movie nights. 

Do you still have questions?


If so, feel free to contact Pradip Ananda at 585-475-2571, for questions or to learn more.