is a self-guided tour platform developed to provide an app with accessibility in different museums. It will provide full access to information about each artwork, including descriptions, historical facts, media (video/audio) with captions, audio descriptions and more.

The curator will have the ability to store and edit images, videos, transcripts and exhibition information through a web portal and provide access via a smartphone app.

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Accessibility Features


  • Audio provided in video
  • Portable content
  • Enlarged font
  • Transcript
  • Zoom in and zoom out on image
  • Captions
  • Audio/visual descriptions
  • Invert colors
  • Video in American Sign Language
MuseAI Online web portal


This app will benefit a diverse audience such as:

  • Multilingual users
  • Deaf
  • Hard-of-hearing
  • Deafblind
  • Varying degrees of vision/mobility
  • Limited literacy
Cloud connection from portal to phone


  • Control the app with the Web Portal
  • Submit new exhibits and content to the app
  • Control accessibility options to accommodate a diverse audience

Display Exhibition Information Through Various Methods

NFC Tag, Number Pad, or QR Code

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Brian Trager

Department Chair
Musab Al-Smadi Headshot

Musab Al-Smadi

Accessibility Engineer

Becca Dingman Headshot

Becca Dingman

UI/UX Designer

Radhika Mehra Headshot

Radhika Mehra

Graphic Designer

Ann Mochinski Headshot

Ann Mochinski