is a self-guided tour platform developed to provide an app with accessibility in different museums. It will provide full access to information about each artwork, including descriptions, historical facts, media (video/audio) with captions, audio descriptions and more.

The curator will have the ability to store and edit images, videos, transcripts and exhibition information through a web portal and provide access via a smartphone app.

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Accessibility Features


  • Audio provided in video
  • Portable content
  • Enlarged font
  • Transcript
  • Zoom in and zoom out on image
  • Captions
  • Audio/visual descriptions
  • Invert colors
  • Video in American Sign Language
MuseAI Online web portal


This app will benefit a diverse audience such as:

  • Multilingual users
  • Deaf
  • Hard-of-hearing
  • Deafblind
  • Varying degrees of vision/mobility
  • Limited literacy
Cloud connection from portal to phone


  • Control the app with the Web Portal
  • Submit new exhibits and content to the app
  • Control accessibility options to accommodate a diverse audience

Display Exhibition Information Through Various Methods

NFC Tag, Number Pad, or QR Code

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Brian Trager

Department Chair
Musab Al-Smadi Headshot

Musab Al-Smadi

Accessibility Engineer

Becca Dingman Headshot

Becca Dingman

UI/UX Designer

Radhika Mehra Headshot

Radhika Mehra

Graphic Designer

Ann Mochinski Headshot

Ann Mochinski



Tabitha Jacques

Director Dyer Arts Center and Meeting Planning Services

Mackenzie Robbins

Collections Assistant


MUSEAI Demonstration
MUSEAI Launch Day — Dyer Arts Center — April 2018

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