Current Projects

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The Center on Access Technology partners with the Georgia Institute of Technology and Google in developing the app designed to educate parents with Deaf/hard-of-hearing children in American Sign Language (ASL), but it is open to anyone who wants to learn sign language and fingerspelling.


A chat application built in a web app to allow for texting and speech-to-text capabilities to assist with communication when wearing a mask and/or social distancing.

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IRIS Project

The Center on Access Technology is working on a project that seeks to enhance connections to Telecommunications Relay Services from the mobile phone through a native-like experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

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Automatic Speech Recognition

Pilot program in classrooms with Microsoft Translator for speech-to-text translation, using custom language models to increase accuracy.

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Math Competition

Application developed for NTID’s Math Competition, held every spring for deaf and hard-of-hearing middle school students.

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Past Projects


Museum Accessibility app that provides exhibit information in spoken and written English as well as American Sign Language.

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Video Game Accessibility Research

The Center on Access Technology's team started research within the gaming space to evaluate, review and contribute to making games more accessible. 

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Rower Accessibility

Solution to provide equal access to both Deaf and hearing rowers with commands from a coxswain.

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Coordinate Measuring Machine

Solution to provide visual information to deaf and hard-of-hearing users for a Coordinate Measuring Machine.

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VL2 ASL Storybook App

The Center on Access Technology's team helped develop several storybook apps on Android and Windows platforms for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. 

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NTID 50th Anniversary App

The Center on Access Technology designed and developed our 50th Anniversary Mobile app for all attendees coming to campus.

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