The AMPrint Center is a highly multi-disciplinary research center that features faculty and staff with expertise spanning process development, materials science, and application development. There are several ways to collaborate with the AMPrint Center.

New York State Companies

The AMPrint Center is partially supported by New York State to help grow the AM industry within the state. If your company has employees in New York State, then significant matching funds and resources may be available to help pay for collaborative research. AMPrint Center faculty and staff will work with you to help determine what resources are available.  

Grant Writing

AMPrint Center faculty and staff have decades of experience both writing grant proposals and serving as proposal reviewers for federal funding agencies.  

Identifying Faculty Members to Partner With

Please browse the list of AMPrint affiliate faculty and staff members you can reach out to and their focus areas. If you are unsure about who you should speak with, then Jade Myers will be happy to talk with you to understand your needs before making a recommendation on who you can speak to.  

Affiliated Personnel

Denis Cormier

AMPrint Center Director
Focus Areas:
Engineered lattice structures; Multi-functional, multi-material 3D printing; 3D printed composite materials

David Trauernicht
Research Professor

Senior Research Associate
Focus Areas:
 Inkjet printing, electronics, equipment fabrication

Jade Myers
Research Development Specialist

Focus Areas: Prosthetics and medical additive manufacturing

Susan Rausch
Staff Assistant
Rui Liu
Assistant Professor

Focus Areas: Material behavior and microstructure evolution during machining processes

Yunbo Zhang
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Focus Areas:
 Dr. Zhang's research focuses on design for Additive Manufacturing and human centered design.

Zipeng Guo
Assistant Professor

Focus Areas: Metal Additive Manufacturing; Data-informed Smart Manufacturing; Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing

Scott Williams

Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science
Focus Areas:
 Ink Chemistry; Sol Gel Synthesis; Nanoparticle Synthesis

Karl Hirschman

Focus Areas: Semiconductor device design and manufacturing

Christopher Lewis
Associate Professor

Focus Areas: Plastics, composites, and biodegradation

MD Ahasan Habib
Assistant Professor

Focus Areas: Development and optimization of materials and processes for 3D bioprinting

Ahmad Kirmani
Assistant Professor
Mark Irving
Researcher/Engineer II

Student Researchers

Photo of student researcher, Chris Ventre

Chris Ventre

MS Industrial and Systems Engineering

Research and Development: Low-cost metal droplet jetting printer

Image of student researcher, Valeria Marin-Montealegre    Valeria Marin-Montealegre 

    MS Product Development; PhD Mechanical & Indust. Engineering

    Bioresorbable plates for craniofacial bone repair; Metal jetting AM

Photo of student researcher, Usama Rifat   Usama Rifat

    PhD Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

    Material characterization of droplet jetted aluminum