Visit Us

Using Mapping Programs

The easiest way to get to RIT via your own vehicle is to enter "100 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester NY 14623" into mapping software (e.g. Google Maps or something similar). That will direct you to RIT's Welcome Center where you can request a visitor's parking pass. Tell the person at the booth that you have a meeting in Institute Hall (Building 73) and you need to park near Lot “F” or “J”. They will give you a Visitor’s Pass along with instructions on where you are allowed to park nearest the Institute Hall building. 

Google Maps to RIT Welcome Center
Google Maps to AMPrint Center

Using Rideshare Services (e.g. Uber or Lyft)

If you use rideshare services and will not need a parking pass when you arrive on campus, then enter an address of "73 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester NY 14623" in the Rideshare App.  

Once You Get To Campus

IMPORTANT: Please get a visitor’s parking pass and park where they tell you to park. The Transportation Services department is very strict about ticketing visitor cars that are not parked in an authorized location.  

Once you park, you can proceed to either the AMPrint Center's main facility in Institute Hall or the Brinkman Lab in the Gleason building depending on where you were instructed to meet. The Institute Hall building is at the top of the hill in front of the F-parking lot and has large "RIT" letters on top of it as you see in the photo below. Walk from the parking lot to the entrance to that building, and take the elevator to the 4th floor. Walk half way down the hallway, and enter the AMPrint Center through the main entrance.  

If you are instead meeting in the Brinkman Lab, then you will walk past the Institute Hall building entrance and go approximately 100 meters diagonally to your left to enter the GLE building (aka "Building 09"). The Brinkman Lab is the 3rd lab on your right after you enter the building (Room 09-2410).  

The map below has black dashed arrows showing directions from the Welcome Booth to either parking Lot J or Lot F, and then from those lots up to either the Institute Hall or Gleason building. 

An image of institute hall with an arrow pointing to the top floor with the words AMPrint Center
a map of rit showing J, F, E, and v parking lot as well as the buildings closest to them.