Access the Collection

The B. Thomas Golisano Collection at the RIT Archives is housed within the RIT Archives Collection in The Wallace Center.

The collection includes a variety of materials including photos, media clips, documents, and memorabilia all serving to preserve the record and legacy of Mr. Golisano's professional and public service. Within the collection, students and researchers can discover and explore Mr. Golisano’s entrepreneurial impact and his long-term support of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, health care organizations, higher education and other service and cultural institutions. The collection also houses material documenting Mr. Golisano’s pursuits in political campaigns and reform efforts.

Researchers, students, and the public can view a digital exhibition created by a 2021 RIT Student and can also explore the archives on their own by contacting

Additional information and activities on Tom Golisano and his foundation that go beyond the scope of the B. Thomas Golisano Collection at the RIT Archives may be found on his website at