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Learning Assistance Alliance

Learning Assistant Alliance is a collection of people from LA Programs around the planet who are sharing resources, information and experiences to further the objectives of transforming large-enrollment courses and recruiting future K-12 math, science and engineering teachers through the use of Learning Assistants. RIT's Learning Assistant (LA) Program is a member of this alliance. Join now!

Learning Assistant Program Faculty Committee Members: Corey Ptak (Lecturer, Life Sciences), Dawn Carter (Life Sciences), Deana Olles (Math/Stats) and Edwin Hach (Physics)

Conference and Workshop Opportunities

Looking to connect to other LA programs in your area? The International Learning Assistant Alliance is excited to announce the 2017 Regional LA Workshops:

  • Chicago State University / Harold Washington College (March 24-25)
  • Florida International University (April 2-3)
  • Rutgers University (April 7-8)
  • Oregon State University (June 28-29)