• Amazon Echo Dot
  • Bang & Olufsen headphones
  • Computer monitors
  • Desktop and laptop computers
  • Headword, clip-on, and free-standing microphones
  • Pupil Labs wearable mobile eye-tracking headset
  • Shimmer3 galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor*
  • TASCAM audio/speech recorder
  • Video webcams, loudspeakers, and peripherals
  • EGG
  • Nasality Kit
  • Sennheiser singing voice microphone


  • iMotions multimodal data capture and analysis software licenses - facial expression, GSR, mobile eye-tracking modules*, and remote eye-tracking**
  • Speech Studio for Laryngograph and nasality analysis
  • Linguine, an open-source application for natural language visualization and analysis
  • Various computational linguistics/NLP and speech analysis software

Other Equipment

  • WhisperRoom booth MDL 4872 S
  • AcoustiMac vocal go-booth system

Faculty member and student in a sound booth, wearing eye-tracking glasses.