Gift Acceptance Policy

Anyone in a position to receive gifts from individual donors, businesses, or corporations; or coordinate fundraisers in support of your area or an official RIT organization; are required to adhere to the Gift Acceptance Policy. Please familiarize yourself with this policy

It is important to know that the policy applies to ALL gifts to any area of the university, including student organizations. Gifts include:

  • Contributions (cash, check, credit card, PayPal), whether a straight forward gift or the sale of an item from which part of the proceeds are a gift (i.e. Buy a $15 t-shirt and $5 of the purchase will go to an RIT group)
  • Gifts-in-kind, such as equipment, supplies and materials, gift certificates, gift cards, securities, etc.
  • Fundraiser proceeds for any area of the university or an officially recognized RIT student club/organization, including raffles and crowdfunding campaigns. This also includes events such as golf tournaments and silent auctions among others.

As these gifts are made to RIT, it is important that the university a) properly record the gift as part of a donor's lifetime giving record; b) provide the donor with an official receipt for tax purposes; and c) appropriately thank the donor for his or her generosity; and d) ensure compliance with all IRS regulations. Please call RIT's Gift Office to make arrangements for gift pick up at 585.475.7451, from 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations staff is trained to provide advice (preferably in advance) for your fundraising and gift acceptance efforts; furthermore, we are responsible for tracking these gifts. For questions or more information, please contact Nick McCaffery‘12, Director of Gift Processing, at 585.475.7451 or at

Philanthropic gifts are important to the university and equally important is their proper handling due to the variety of regulations that surround them. Thank you for your attention to this policy.