Student scholarships:
a worthy investment.

RIT is committed to making education accessible for everyone. Outside of receiving need-based financial aid, a large number of our hardworking students qualify for scholarship awards based on merit accomplishments, diversity, community service and engagement, veteran status, innovation, and a wide array of other achievements.

For donors looking to create a lasting impact, endowed scholarships are a powerful option. These named funds continue in perpetuity, creating a lasting legacy of support for future generations of RIT students. Contact us about scholarship endowments.

Our generous scholarship donors are helping to transform the lives of deserving students so they may receive a world-class RIT education.

Make a Gift to Scholarships and Financial Aid 

RCS fosters friendships and connections

Karbara Maxey was excited about a unique RIT offering—the Destler/Johnson Rochester City Scholars (RCS) program—which provided her with tuition coverage and a built-in community of support from other students, faculty, and staff. “The scholarship was really important for me,” comments Karbara. “My parents always did the best they could financially, but this was a huge help. I was the first person in my immediate family to attend college. I remember my high school counselor telling me about RCS at RIT, and I pretty much knew right then that was where I wanted to go.”

Scholarship helps in building community and belonging

Deon Jeffrey BS ’26, Victor Sanchez, BS ’26, and Abdul Macauley BS ’26, second-year RIT students share how grateful they are for their scholarship awards and look forward to staying involved with their community on campus, conquering challenging coursework, and moving toward their career goals over the next few years.Deon, Victor, and Abdul are recipients of the Truesdale DREAM Charter School Scholarship, established in 2022 by RIT alumnus and trustee Don Truesdale BS ’87.

Scholarship helps student pursue many things at RIT

“The scholarships are the reason I can do so many things at RIT and feel more confident,” Onvida reflects. “The financial help lets me push myself ahead. It’s important to me to meet people and help them get involved, too. I like building connections with students, alumni, and faculty.” She is a peer mentor, Tri Sigma sorority sister, member of the Panhellenic Council, Women in Computing, Latin American Student Association, and the Student Alumni Alliance. 

Positive influence for young women

Since 8th grade, Nayely Gonzales was intrigued with engineering and technology. When she found out she was selected for schorlarship she felt grateful and blessed. Nayely says she felt uplifted and inspired as a recipient and hopes she will positively influence other young women. “There aren’t a whole lot of Hispanic students—let alone Hispanic women—in the STEM fields. I hope others can see me and think, ‘If she can do it, I can do it, too.”

Scholarship helps student balance coursework and busy team schedule

Caleb Moretz factored his desire to play intercollegiate sports as part of choosing where to go to school. He credits the scholarship awards he has received as a fundamental reason why he is prospering. “The scholarships I’ve received mean the world to me. Playing hockey and working towards my degree really limit the time I have available to work a job during the school year. The scholarships really lighten the load and allow me to enjoy what RIT has to offer without having a financial burden over my head.”

Flexibility through scholarship

Jaeden Guarrasi BS ’23 found himself immersed in the many opportunities he had between his coursework for the School of Individualized Study and his fervor for music. He credits generous scholarship donors as the reason his dream to craft his personalized degree at RIT became a reality.

Future global healer

As a first-generation college student, Nhyira Owusu Asante BS ’24 worked extremely hard to get where she is today. Assimilating to a new culture while navigating the road to higher education wasn’t simple. As a teenager, Nhyira was responsible for figuring out where to attend college and how to afford it.

Achievement in engineering

Alli Miller BS ’25 was challenged with starting her undergraduate degree during the COVID-19 pandemic. Early on, Alli knew she wanted to come to RIT; her older sister who studied biomedical engineering at RIT helped spark her interest. Alli credits her achievements to the compassion of donors who made her attendance at RIT possible.

Investing in science

Cindy Lam BS ’24 comes from a family of scientists. “My parents worked really hard to come to the United States years ago. They have given my brothers and me unconditional support to fulfill our dreams,” says Cindy. “However, my family has had challenges with finding the funds to pay for school.” For Cindy, scholarship support has made a vital difference.

Crucial gifts making a difference

“I never knew the cost of a college education until I was faced with it.” Jada Jennings BS ’24 perfectly summed up the sentiment that so many college students experience. Jada, a business management information systems major, expressed that she wouldn’t be able to afford her education if it wasn’t for the scholarship she received.

Merit-based funding pushing students to succeed

The eldest of three and one of two siblings who currently attend RIT, Ashley Lasko BS ’23 has found academic success since middle school when she first became interested in STEM. In high school, Ashley earned a special RIT scholarship award for creativity and innovation, which sealed the deal that she would receive her undergraduate degree as a Tiger.

Scholarship makes a STEM degree possible

“Originally, I wouldn’t have been able to come to RIT,” recalls Lia Grammer BS ’25. “My family and I couldn’t afford it.” This realization was difficult, as Lia knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue STEM-based higher education, predominantly something with design. Lia knew she had to make her dream of attending RIT a reality.

Hard-working student awarded scholarship

Jacob O’Donnell BS ’25 pursued a major in electrical engineering, a field he has been interested in since he was a child. He recalls being drawn to things that didn’t make sense and anything that prompted a curiosity to ask questions. Jacob’s instinct to be inquisitive and practical guided him to seek scholarship funding for his RIT education.