Are you not receiving the Quaestor?

Instructions to subscribe to the Quaestor

Through the Staff Council and individual inquiries, it has come to our attention that members of the RIT Community have not been receiving IACA’s newsletter “The Quaestor.” The process of creating and disseminating The Quaestor changed when RIT transitioned to RITmail and we believe that certain elections made when the initial roll-out occurred may have led to this situation.

We are relying on our faithful Quaestor readers to share the following information for any RIT employee that may have missed our last few issues of The Quaestor since RIT switched to RITmail.

  • The Quaestor is now distributed to the RIT community via RITmail and is sent to your inboxes from the RIT Newsletter <> account with the subject “Institute Audit, Compliance and Advisement (IACA) Newsletter - The Quaestor.” Therefore, if you have any rules in your Outlook Inbox moving emails with certain content, these emails may be moved out of your inbox prior to you receiving them.   
  • The Quaestor email is sent to members subscribed to the category Newsletters in the RIT Communications Center. Click Management Subscriptions to manage your preferences.
    • You will need to log in using your RIT User ID and Password. Within the Subscription Center, navigate to the Community Lists page (in Yellow Box below):
    • Within the Community Lists subscription page, make sure that you are Subscribed to the Newsletters option (in Black Box below – if it says Unsubscribe, it means that you are Subscribed.)

Subscription Center Website to Select Community Lists

  • Click on the Show Topics button under the Newsletter option (in Yellow Box below).

Showing to navigate to the Newsletters option to click Show Topics

  • Within the Chose from Available Topics – make sure the box next to IACA Newsletter – The Quaestor is checked.

Showing the available topics under Newsletter option - showing to check next to IACA Newsletter