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Threat Assessment & Management Services

Threat Assessment & Management Services

RIT Employee Threat Assessment and Management Team

Rochester Institute of Technology is committed to providing an environment that is safe and secure and one that promotes learning and productive employment. RIT does not tolerate violence of any type including expressed or implied threats of violence. Each member of the RIT community shares responsibility for creating and maintaining a civil and respectful workplace, free from all forms of threatening and violent behavior.

The Threat Assessment and Management Team is a multi-disciplinary group whose purpose is to support RIT's students, faculty and staff through an established protocol. Team members include representatives from Human Resources, Public Safety, Global Risk Management Services, Academic Affairs, and the Office of Legal Affairs. An external medical expert assists the team on complex cases. The team will develop and implement resolution strategies and corrective action plans to address violent and/or threatening behaviors. In addition, the team will coordinate communicatins to managers and reporting persons, and monitor resolutions.

Talent Development offering for all RIT community members - Recognizing and Responding to Escalating Behavior

Attendees will learn how to recognize, differentiate, and respond to warning signs of escalating and troubling behavior in the workplace. They will also learn about their role and responsibilities to address and mitigate potential work place and classroom violence. Class discussion will help managers plan for solution focused tactics and strategies while also learning about key campus resources. 

You can sign up by searching the Talent Development calendar for the next available class here.