Classroom Evolution

We joke about how low tech everything used to be, but today we rely on a lot of technological advances that aid us in the classroom. Can you imagine a time when PowerPoint, projectors, MyCourses, white boards, iClickers and computers weren’t used during classes? Technology is everywhere and it makes the classroom experience far different from what it used to be. Classrooms at RIT used to look like the ones portrayed in old movies, with the traditional methods you probably remember from elementary school. Professors had chalk in hand each lecture, writing things out on giant chalkboards, erasing the board before you were ready- and you’d be grateful for a professor who finally had clear handwriting! Professors today can create lectures on PowerPoint, making notes easy to read, viewable time and again on MyCourses, and projectors make it easy to see for everyone in the room— no guessing whether the professor wrote an ‘o’ or ‘a’ anymore. Computers and iClickers have made for more hands on learning, and all our technology has made class material more accessible. Our classrooms aren’t always even in a room anymore. RIT has online courses so students can learn wherever they are, which has become very popular with students over summer break or those working while going to college. 
On the left we see a photo from a physics class taken for the 1965 edition of RIT’s yearbook, Techmila; to the right is a recent shot of Dr. Vivek Narayanan’s University Physics class.