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Information for Parents and Third Parties

Once your student has granted you access, you may utilize eServices for the following:

  • View and pay tuition statements
  • View or apply for financial aid
  • View grades and class schedule
  • Request a payment plan


Parents and/or third parties should be signed up for their own access to student accounts. Your student must grant you access - RIT cannot grant access for you.


SFS Checklist for Parents:

Activate your RIT computer account once your student grants you access
Billing notifications are sent to the email address that your student has set up in eServices.  No paper bills are sent.
Submit all requested financial aid documents
Review insurance options for Rental, Health and Dental
Validate the status of all outside funding
(including Vocational Rehabilitation, scholarships, alternative loans and 529 Plan and payments)
Review and arrange payment for your RIT billing statement


Common Questions:

Forgot your password?
Please visit and click on the "Forgot Password" link on the left.
How can I access my student's bill?
Once you have been granted access by the student, an email will be sent to the address set up by the student.  The email will contain instructions on how to set up your own username and password.  Once you have set up your username and password and log into eServices, you will have access to the current bill, statement history, current account status, grades, schedule, financial aid and dining accounts.
Why can't I see the items mentioned above?
Your student controls what you can access within eServices.
Why is my statement balance different from my account balance?
Statements are generated at the beginning of each month and reflect the account status on that date. The Account Balance on eServices reflects the current balance on the account.
I am on a payment plan. How do I know what to pay each month?
Your first installment is calculated for the amount due on your account at the time of enrollment. The student account is reviewed and the payment plan is updated for financial changes during the month. The billing statement reflects the amount due for that month’s installment. Payments are due on the 15th of each month.