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Photo of Maureen Ferran

Maureen Ferran, Ph.D

Associate Professor
Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences

3139 Center for Bioscience Education and Technology

Teaching: Dr. Ferran teaches several courses including Virology, Infectious Disease: Impact on Society and Culture, and Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Disease.

Research Interests: Her research lab focuses on the development of viruses as a cancer therapy and as a molecular tool to understand innate immunity and age-related diseases. Studies in her lab also investigate the use of imaging agents to detect and target breast cancer.

Current Students

Virus Group
  • Collen Cole
  • Antonella Masciotti
  • Margo McBrearty
  • Connor McGrath
  • Jo Melita
  • Iqraa Priyata
  • Imani Stone
  • Madhusudan Rajendran-M.S student
Cancer Imaging Group
  • Theresa Clark
  • Steven Dang
  • Antonella Masciotti Sanchez
  • Connor McGrath
  • Tanya Zeigler-M.S student


Over 60 students have worked in the Ferran lab. The most recent graduates are listed below.
  • Alaa Abdelmageed Ahmed, Ph.D. program, University of Rochester

  • Amanda Weiss, Ph.D. program, University of Penn, Genetics

  • Melissa Barton, Ph.D. program, University of Penn, Genetics

  • Callie Donahue, Ph.D. program, Boston University, Virology

  • Rachel Becker, Will start a Ph.D. program in virology or immunology next Sept.

  • Alec Freyn, Ph.D. Student, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Virology

  • Cody Hastings, Ph.D. Student, Immunology or Microbiology, Binghamton University

  • Lan Cantrell, Biotech Production Specialist at Regeneron

  • Mariah Baldwin, Laboratory Assistant, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology

  • Rohana Ramalingam, M.S. student, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences

  • Micon Garvilles Tobin, Ph.D. student, Molecular and Cellular Medicine at University of Oxford

  • Kaitlin Marquis, Ph.D student, UPENN, Virology