VSV as an Oncolytic Agent

Diagram of how VSV works as an oncolytic agent

Development of VSV as an oncolytic agent

A main aspect of our research focuses on how VSV evades the host immune response. Many human cancers contain defects in their innate immune response, leaving them susceptible to viruses. We are using our knowledge of virus immune evasion strategies to further develop VSV as an oncolytic agent to selectively destroy human prostate cancer cells.

Virus tools to understand innate immunity and age-related diseases

The digram of Innate immunity aging-related diseases

Development of virus tools to understand innate immunity and age-related diseases in the C. elegans model system

In collaboration with Dr. Andrew Samuelson (Department of Biomedical Genetics at the University of Rochester) we are developing virus-based tools to understand the genetic and molecular mechanisms that regulate the innate immune response and age-associated disease.

Targeted Molecular Imaging

MRI image of cancer cells using fluorescence microscopy

Targeted Molecular Imaging: Lighting up Breast Cancer Cells

In collaboration with Dr. Han Schmitthenner (School of chemistry and materials science at RIT) we are testing targeted agents for triple negative breast cancer cells utilizing confocal fluorescence microscopy. We have excellent preliminary data and will be applying for grants in this area soon!

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