Fulfilling dreams of becoming a pediatric dermatologist

Diamond Guy BS ’21 dreamed of becoming a pediatric dermatologist from a young age, so becoming a Destler-Johnson Rochester City Scholar (RCS), which covered her full tuition at RIT, helped her achieve her goal.

“I am going to be in school for a long time, so receiving a scholarship for the past four years has been helpful,” said Diamond. “I’m really appreciative, grateful, and excited all at the same time because I got to go to a top 100 school.”

From the age of six, Diamond has been fascinated by medicine. While other children dreaded going to the doctor, she looked forward to it. As she grew older, she developed a form eczema which led to her desire to become a dermatologist to help other children with the same ailment.

Diamond majored in Biomedical Sciences in the College of Health Sciences and Technology (CHST) as the first step on her journey to become a doctor. In her first semester at RIT, she took a pre-medicine advisory course, which gave her a taste of the medical field, while also exposing her to top faculty in CHST.

Diamond really enjoyed her experience at RIT. She liked her courses and her activities outside of the classroom, like Hooks and Needles, a crocheting club, and Women of Excellence Supporting STEM (WOESS).

Diamond is thankful to RIT’s donors for the opportunity to have been an RCS. Being a scholar has provided Diamond with not only a full-tuition scholarship, but also support from the Multicultural Center for Academic Success (MCAS), helping her throughout her four years at RIT.

“The scholarship has been a blessing. I did my very best to ace my classes and represent the Destler-Johnson Rochester City Scholars well,” she said.