The Minichiello Family

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Erin and Mark Minichiello are extremely proud of their son, Ethan BS ’23, MS ’24 a fourth-year mechanical engineering technology (MMET) student. Ethan has been using his time at RIT to master skills within his major and serve as the project manager for the last two years on the campus’ Clean Snowmobile Team.

“From the beginning, he was interested in RIT because he knew he would graduate with work experience in addition to his degree,” Erin reflects. “He was also drawn to the student clubs. CleanSnow has been such a wonderful experience for him, from making very close friendships to learning to work in a team environment and using those skills to obtain employment in co-ops.”

Although not RIT alumni themselves, both Erin and Mark have become closely engaged with RIT, particularly with other parents of students. They have learned a lot about the university by keeping up to date with campus-wide achievements and developments that are elevating RIT to an even brighter future.

“Ethan speaks highly of his educational experiences, the resources available, and especially the dedicated faculty at RIT. The MMET program has been a great fit for his learning style,” Erin comments.
The couple joined the Sentinel Society in February 2023 with ambitions to financially support students within the College of Engineering Technology and help the College continue to grow its programs.

“There is a multitude of reasons why we joined Sentinel. First, we have seen the student experience through the eyes of our son and his friends. Their education is preparing them for their career pursuits. Second, we have gotten to know some of the faculty and alumni; the latter can’t speak highly enough about their RIT experience and how it has helped them become who they are today. Third, RIT is making major investments in the infrastructure and resources available to students. All of this provides the ingredients for students to obtain top-notch educations that will serve them well in their careers and in life overall. We hope to see RIT continue to be globally competitive and offer scholarships so qualified students aren’t prevented from obtaining an RIT education.”

Like other Sentinel Society members, the Minichiellos value education highly and understand the importance of helping others. Their charitable commitments outside of RIT include mentoring, volunteering with their local food pantry, establishing student scholarships, and serving on several boards and councils within their communities.

The Minichiellos enjoy family trips and many outdoor activities in their free time.

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